Gangstalking – possible solutions

In an addition to the previous article, where one moves his/her personality, as a target, out of the “game” by switching it off, there would also be another possible solution when dealing with the gangstalking. While the mentioned approach would require an appropriate understanding of the gnostic principles and the background of the real awakening (defined by Eckhart Tolle as “a shift in consciousness where thinking and awareness separate”; A New Earth, page 259), the 2nd approach would be a sort of a defence at the level of the illusion/matrix. There, we may employ our (‘spiritual’) matrix components, the spirit, soul and mind, to act together in order to provide a sort of a resistance against manipulation we have been exposed to.

So, there we would have a case where an illusionary entity (a personality) fights another illusionary entities (attacking personalities), in order to protect or to improve the quality of its illusionary existence. This could be more practical for those of us who still prefer to enjoy the matrix steaks over the awakening and the associated headaches or for those who want to continue with their warrior role in the forces of light vs forces of darkness battle, including those who just want to reduce hassle they have been exposed to in this heavily controlled reality.

For this defence strategy, some of the mental simulation techniques invented by Italian scientist Dr Corrado Malanga, such as SIMBAD and Flash Dynamic Triade Colour Test, could be helpful, which he designed for dealing with alien and military abductions and interference. As we should not do anything without an understanding of what we were doing, here is an article written by Dr Malanga, explaining the background and main principles of the mental simulations: – LINK

A modified SIMBAD session, which might be helpful at gangstalking cases:

1st Step

Imagination of a TV Studio

Imagine being the anchor(wo)man of a TV talk show. In your mind, make a picture of the studio and the table around which the guests you invited will take their place.

Take some time to imagine the materials and the colours you used to build up the room, the chairs, the furniture. Feel really carefully the warmth that is spread out by the materials you chose to construct the whole room. Imagine their roughness and the temperature that they send out: if you used marble, it will feel colder than wooden surfaces.

Plastic will feel smoother than walls, and so on. Spend some more time just to picture the lights and the noises that are present in this room, which, as a matter of fact, is a TV studio. Be careful not to stumble upon the cables of the cameras which are about to frame you in a moment. Place also a mirror into the TV studio in a certain position, so that all the guests that are going to come in will have to pass in front of it.

2nd Step

Going on air

As soon as you’ re ready to start, go on air: look straight into the camera number 1, which is now turned on, and say something like:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this evening we’ve a very interesting issue to debate about. The subject of this talk-show’s is: The Gangstalkers And Myself! In order to talk about this, we invited some guests that we’ re about to request to get in. Let’s welcome in my Soul, my Mind and my Spirit.”

Ask now your Soul, Mind and Spirit to come in and look at themselves in the mirror (they should turn around in front of the mirror several times!); be aware that the image reflected by the mirror should be the same as the one you are directly perceiving. If not, that means that your guests have a false identity and they are not what they pretend to.

Suggest them to sit down.

Notice how soul, mind and spirit look like and observe which way they are sitting and if they took place on the chairs you prepared for them. Do not mind which form they could have, just go on with your simulation.

3rd Step

Questions to the Soul, Mind and Spirit

Start by asking your soul to introduce her and ask her if she knows the other two guests.

Do the same with your mind

…and at last, with your spirit.

At this point, ask your soul again if she knows something about the gangstalker issue and ask the other two the same question. The debate can begin. If all three parts don’t agree about something, you can make a big TV screen come down from the ceiling, if it’s not already there, and start the footage of when the gangstalkers came.

4th Step*

Invitation of guests

After the discussion about this video, invite as many gangstalkers and the ones you want to come in and sit around the table, in order to debate with you about the issue. You can also have external interventions by video conference or phone from the ones that couldn’t be there. Your guests will enter the door as you call them by name or by nickname, if you don’t know them, and you can let them sit down where they like to. Imagine the hall, all the micros and chairs. Again, spend some time watching disposition and kind of the TV studio lights. When all of them are comfortably sitting, take a look of how you visualize them: how their form is, how they are dressed, how they relate to one another and how they look like to you who are observing them. Notice the behaviour of any single one of them. There may well be empty chairs or it could be necessary to add some more. Observe their disposition around the table and, just in your mind, notice where every one of them is placed, because later you will be asked to make a sketch which reproduces everyone’s position, with a description of all of them.
As they are all there, ask all of them to rapidly introduce themselves. Remember, you are the anchor(wo)man and they all have to listen to you: if you cut short a discussion, they’ll have to obey. After introducing, you can start with your questions: you can ask anything you want, but your soul should be the first one who answers.

5th Step

First question and discussion

The very first question to be asked should be this one:

“Do you know the guests who sit around this table? Do you know who they are and what they want?

From this obligatory question you can start the discussion, which could be taking place over more sessions (just to not getting too tired).

After this first question, ask all the different characters what they think about the gangstalking problem and ask any single stalker what they are doing here and what are their real interests. Ask them if they’re getting helped by someone, if there are all friends or foes to one another, if they know when their job will be done, etc.: the debate’s role is to determine why they are here and how they relate to your soul, mind and spirit. You can help yourself by watching virtual videos. You can show any footage you need. For instance, should your soul not agree with one other guest, show the “real” footage of the event and discuss them before your guests and let your visitors do the same. The videos have been filmed by your brain and all the data will be delivered by it: they will be about your experiences, that from now on can be seen on the big screen, shot from a camera placed in the best possible position so that you can see everything. Do not be afraid of creating facts that never happened: your mind has recorded everything you lived and knows very well which pictures have to be shown to the guests at your conference.

6th Step

Elimination of gangstalkers

Then ask your soul if she agrees with accepting the presence of the gangstalkers: If she doesn’t, tell her to solve the problem, for example by eliminating the problem. If she agrees, tell her to do it now, live on stage. Visualize your soul at work (but just don’t hurry!), or let her accept the idea of solving the problem any time she thinks it’s appropriate.

If your Soul decides to solve it now, watch carefully the way she looks like while acting through her “Will of doing it”.

7th Step

Never Ever

Now, ask the Soul to declare that she “Never Ever” will accept the presence of gangstalkers.

8th Step

Scanning of body for presence of implants/chips/devices

Ask the Soul to scan the body carefully for presence of any implants/chips/devices and to destroy them.

Check: Head (back of the head, behind the ears, behind the eyes, pineal gland, mouth…); neck; arms/fingers; spine; stomach; genitals; legs
(The soul could be asked about the function of a particular implant and who has placed it there.)

9th Step

Question time.

Ask the Soul and other components anything you want.

10th Step

Integration of the Soul, Mind and Spirit

At the end, ask all components of the being to integrate or ‘fuse’ together… (if the Soul and Spirit do not want to integrate with the Mind, because of perceiving him as “too distorted”, ask them to ‘stick together’ at least and cooperate as much as they could.)

End of session


One needs not to get surprised if he/she perceives some of the “guests” as aliens or military people, as according to Dr Malanga, military personnel has been heavily employed by aliens in the manipulation of the humanity. (One example – LINK; subtitles need to be auto translated from German)

The symptoms of the gangstalking and, so called, hyperdimensional attacks, often overlap to a large extent, especially when strange synchronicities have been involved and one also needs to consider symptoms of schizophrenia, when trying to assess what we were dealing with. Generally speaking, in some pathological cases, a personality, as an important resident of the illusion, can generate various and pretty convincing scenarios in which its illusionary existence gets threatened and then, it would perform real actions to protect itself from those imaginary threats. In fact, most of normal people are doing it pretty often, so the difference between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’, would be only in a degree to which somebody displays a pathological behaviour. This is, probably, because nobody existing in the reality below the line (see the picture below), can not be normal, literally. (Book Operators and Things, by Barbara O’Brien, could also be very helpful in understanding schizophrenia).

This is how the reality would look like, when we look from the gnostic platform.

Here, the concept of the awakening would mean a process of connecting the false (personality) to the real (the Real I) and one can say that without the gangstalking or hyperdimensional attacks, it would be very hard to realise that we were dealing here with an AI, manipulating us through “our” dear personalities/minds, which would also be artificial structures. Of course, this is not to say that the control system is attacking us in order to provide us with an opportunity for awakening. It must keep (adamic) people under pressure as they seem to provide an energy for the (artificial) system, which is dependent on it. However, its sword has two blades.

On the other hand, when the (eastern) gnosis is properly understood, one would realise that most of the personalities would rather prefer (subconsciously) some special status, such as being “TI” or an “alien abductee,” than transferring the control over the physical body to the Real I, and realising its own artificial nature. And, many will be pushed to the edge where it will be just two options left, wake up or perish. And, the problem is, the personality can not wake up per se, as an artificial structure, it can only do that in a cooperation with the Real I. This process can not be faked, because, as long as one feels the pain or fear, that alone would indicate an absence of the connection with the Real part of the being. Fear and pain can only be felt in an absence of the Real I, or the Real Consciousness. Therefore, talking about own awakening while experiencing fear, would mean lying to oneself (we are specialists in it, while many of us have even gained a PhD in lying to oneself discipline).

E.g. in the movie After Earth, the son of Will Smith was pushed by the predator to the edge, where he did not have anything to loose any more. His personality was defeated and it gave up, but not his being. Once he moved from his personality (the unreal) into his being (the real), or once he left his personality with all her emotions and fears, he instantly became invisible to the predator (the unreal). Then, he acted from his being and that action was detrimental to the predator. Prior to that, the kid was told by his father, the following:

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real but fear is a choice.”

So, we may say that the danger we are in is real, however, our thoughts/intellect can not overcome it. Our personalities are designed so to keep us in it, and as such, they are not capable of providing a meaningful resistance to something which they are part of. Only those actions exercised by the human being can do that. Along with that, fear can exist only in our (fake/artificial) minds, on the basis of our (fake) thoughts. And, to our personalities, this concept would be a great riddle, as they can not realise (or almost not), that they are not the ones who are human beings. They just identify themselves with them. And, this as an information, does not mean much to us, as well, because as such, we are in a closed loop system with our source, which is divorced from the objective reality by default, and as such, it regulates our perception and therefore, our thinking and therefore, our behaviour. Our intellectual faculty as a function of the matrix/maya/virtual reality… is not enough to understand the information properly and to apply it. We are in a vicious circle. E.g. Carlos Castaneda could tell us that we were “foreign installations” operated by a “non-organic” (artificial) intelligence (book: Active Side of Infinity), and that a warrior can get rid of its foreign installation by exercising a sort of a discipline… and then… after expelled out of the body, what happens… there is nobody, there, anymore, who will be telling him what to think and what to do… Wait! What!?! It comes out that we, who do all the hard thinking, make proper decisions and behave decently, as much as we could, should finish in a rubbish bin… no wonder that one can not find an internet forum where Castaneda’s followers were having a productive discussion on the topic – how one can read of us, I mean, how we, foreign installations, which read the book, could commit a suicide effectively and efficiently by leaving the physical bodies we have been attached to and we have been in charge of. Or, is there somebody else in our bodies who is supposed to get this information, but we were the first on the receiving end? Anyway, the point is that something like this would not be really fair in regards to us. Especially for those of us who have high IQ, who are smart, who have gained a PhD in the illusion, and not even to mention those of us who claim that they have reached an enlightenment in the illusion?!


While contemplating the above picture, we could say that AI/boss would utilise anthropoids for the task of manipulating the others, because, without human essence or a residue of the Real Consciousness, which has the components like the humanness and conscience, those individuals would be most suitable for the tasks, especially those with psychopathic features (strong drive for control of others and an absence of the feelings like humanness and conscience). So, we would find plenty of them in the intelligence agencies, secret societies, government departments, military, police etc. and, as pretty efficient bio-chemical robots, whatever those individuals would do, consciously or not, it will be directed by and on behalf of the boss/AI. The technological advance has now provided all the necessary infrastructure for the control of the humanity by a few well positioned psychopaths and this is what they do.


Dr Malanga was working on the matrix level, employing subconsciousness of his clients to fight alien/military interference and at his sessions (self induced or guided under hypnosis) it was noted that some victims were entering revenge mode, where they treated some of the ‘guests’ who manipulated them so, by placing them on electrical chairs inside the imagined SIMBAD studio and by pressing the button, treated them by high voltage el. currents (using their soul component as the source of the energy). Allegedly, this was translated onto the material level of the reality by physical destruction of the anthropoids who manipulated them (causing to them strokes and heart attacks) and by a damage of the infrastructure and equipment in the facilities where they were operating from?! However, this type of warfare would not have much impact on the objective reality and would not change the conditions in this reality for ‘better’.

On the other side, adamic people undergoing awakening procedure would have an inner knowing that the manipulators are as real as their own personality is. It could be said that all adamic people in this reality (up to 50% of the population?!) are “TIs” in some way, as they are a source of the energy which they would release when subjected to hardships, suffering, emotional turmoils etc. So, there is a possibility of establishing a point of reference (an “observation deck”) outside of our personality, where from we could watch without a bias, its behaviour, emotions, (mechanical) reactions etc. That “relocation” of the perception point would not be one of those classical dissociations of the personality which it does in order to avoid a pain, but an introspection based on a new awareness. As the connection with our real part of the being strengthens, so we are becoming more and more invisible to the predator (like the kid in the mentioned movie) or to those who are unreal, while our actions would be more and more optimal, because they would be based on the inner knowing, coming from our being which is connected to the Real Consciousness, but not the thoughts, coming from our heads or the (foreign) mind. So, at the end, there would not be anybody/anything to fight, as one can not fight something unreal, if the one is aware enough.

Now, can we understand what was Gurdjieff talking about in the conversation with Ouspensky, somewhere during WWI?

“Have you ever thought about the fact that all peoples themselves are machines?”

“Yes,” I said, “from the strictly scientific point of view all people are machines governed by external influences. But the question is, can the scientific point of view be wholly accepted?”

“Scientific or not scientific is all the same to me,” said G. “I want you to understand what I am saying. Look, all those people you see,” he pointed along the street, “are simply machines—nothing more.”

“I think I understand what you mean,” I said. “And I have often thought how little there is in the world that can stand against this form of mechanization and choose its own path.”

“This is just where you make your greatest mistake,” said G. “You think there is something that chooses its own path, something that can stand against mechanization; you think that not everything is equally mechanical.”

“Why, of course not!” I said. “Art, poetry, thought, are phenomena of quite a different order.”

“Of exactly the same order,” said G. “These activities are just as mechanical as everything else. Men are machines and nothing but mechanical actions can be expected of machines.”

“Very well,” I said. “But are there no people who are not machines?”

“It may be that there are,” said G., “only not those people you see. And you do not know them. That is what I want you to understand.”

I thought it rather strange that he should be so insistent on this point. What he said seemed to me obvious and incontestable. At the same time, I had never liked such short and all-embracing metaphors. They always omitted points of difference. I, on the other hand, had always maintained differences were the most important thing and that in order to understand things it was first necessary to see the points in which they differed. So I felt that it was odd that G. insisted on an idea which seemed to be obvious provided it were not made too absolute and exceptions were admitted.

“People are so unlike one another,” I said. “I do not think it would be possible to bring them all under the same heading. There are savages, there are mechanized people, there are intellectual people, there are geniuses.”

“Quite right,” said G., “people are very unlike one another, but the real difference between people you do not know and cannot see. The difference of which you speak simply does not exist. This must be understood. All the people you see, all the people you know, all the people you may get to know, are machines, actual machines working solely under the power of external influences, as you yourself said. Machines they are born and machines they die. How do savages and intellectuals come into this? Even now, at this very moment, while we are talking, several millions of machines are trying to annihilate one another. What is the difference between them? Where are the savages and where are the intellectuals? They are all alike . . .”


He [the man] is a machine, everything with him happens. He cannot stop the flow of his thoughts, he cannot control his imagination, his emotions, his attention. He lives in a subjective world of ‘I love,’ ‘I do not love,’ ‘I like,’ ‘I do not like,’ ‘I want,’ ‘I do not want,’ that is, of what he thinks he likes, of what he thinks he does not like, of what he thinks he wants, of what he thinks he does not want. He does not see the real world. The real world is hidden from him by the wall of imagination. He lives in sleep. He is asleep. What is called ‘clear consciousness’ is sleep and a far more dangerous sleep than sleep at night in bed.


All that men say, all that they do, they say and do in sleep. All this can have no value whatever. Only awakening and what leads to awakening has a value in reality.

(from the book In the Search of the Miraculous, P.D. Ouspensky)


Of course, if what Gurdjieff said above was the Truth, then even many of those who regard themselves as truthseekers, would not like to know it. They would prefer to look for the truth elsewhere. As the term “machine” may sound offensive, maybe we should use a bit more modern terminology, like John Keel used, 40 years ago, (book: The Cosmic Question of the Eighth Tower) in order to describe us and the situation we are in:

”You and I are biochemical robots controlled by the powerful radiations being broadcast from the Eighth Tower [supercomputer]. Our brains are programmed like computers, and many of us are suddenly and completely reprogrammed at some point in our adult life.


All of our beads are wired to a central switchboard [supercomputer]. That switchboard is the only God and the only reality. Illusions and delusions are piped down from it to further confound our perception of reality.”


The machine/biochemical robot is the target and prone to a manipulation. So, in order not to be manipulated, we need to overcome our machine/robot state and become real human beings.


Gangstalking defence

It is easy to stop all external attacks on our personalities inc. so called, “gangstalking”, if one has a basic awareness of the objective reality. So, the one only needs to became aware that his/her personality is non-objective or non-existent in the objective reality. Or, our personalities are as much objective, as objective would be the non-objective reality/illusion/maya/stereoma/the matrix/the virtual reality, we are currently inhabiting.

Therefore, in such an environment, those non-objective entities (“bad guys”) which keep attacking and manipulating us (the “good guys”) living in an illusion, could be dealt with pretty easily. As a personality (inc. those which have gained a PhD in the illusion) is a non-objective entity, it can not affect the objective reality, whatever it thinks or does. So, when under an attack in the illusion/matrix, all one needs to do is to switch off his/her personality, from time to time or, whenever necessary. Just stop the thoughts or stop taking your thoughts seriously if you can not stop them. A non-objective entity can not have objectively true thoughts, anyway. Once we move our attention to the moment we are in (the future and the past do not exist, anyway, whil ethe resent moment is all that is), while being aware of ourselves and our environment, but not thinking, we are entering the objective reality. An “inner knowing” related to the moment we are in, may appear and that would be all what we need. And, later, an understanding may arise that whoever is objective, would not perceive those non-objective entities as a threat. He/she may not perceive them at all, anymore. And, anyway, how an illusionary entity could attack somebody who is true or objective? No way.

The fine red thread

There was an “unknown teaching”, as called by Ouspensky in his book the Fourth Way, which “fragments” are still available today. The eastern gnostics called it The Doctrine or Tradition. Some say that it originated from ‘sufism’, however, as it originated long before Christianity and Islam, in order to survive together with those who carried it, it had to get heavily contaminated by religious and other content. (The teaching was clearly “heretic” from the religious point of view and we know what was done to the heretics, throughout the history). After it went through the ages where Christianity and Islam have reigned, the original teaching was aligned to Christianity as some sort of gnosticism and to Islam as sufism. Anyway, the teaching was heavily distorted, however, they managed to smuggle the “fine red thread”, through, in an (almost) unrecognizable condition.

The fine red thread can not be discerned by an intellectual analysis only, because the noise to signal ratio was too high, or simply, there was too much noise in order to discern the signal; and the other reason would be, as the teaching says, our minds have been controlled and manipulted to a great degree by a non-human intelligence, so the Truth has not been allowed.

So, what is the fine red thread saying?

Well, it is saying something what hardly anybody of us wants to hear and know. It is saying that:

1. the humanity is living in an illusion/maya/stereoma… (or, by today’s terminology: the matrix or a virtual reality)

2. in this “demiurgic domain”, the humanity has been manipulated by an ‘archontic’, ‘inorganic’, ‘demiurgic’ or simply, a ‘non-human-entity’, which has all the features of what we would call today an AI.

3. we are all connected to it; it regulates and manipulates our perception and therefore, our state of mind; and therefore, our thinking; and therefore, our behaviour.

4. our personalities (including mine, writing this and yours, reading this) are artificial constructs. (Like a software subject to programming and re-programming in charge of the ‘physical’ body).

5. all artificial constructs share the false or artificial consciousness originating from the source, i.e. the AI. (That would mean all three levels of that consciousness, as the waking consciousness, subconsciousness and the collective unconscious).

6. The True Consciousness exists (called the “Consciousness of the Absolute”, “christ”, the First Source etc.) and it could be reached and manifested.

7. there are two ‘types’ of beings inhabiting the illusion: ‘anthropoids’, meaning the people without human essence or the Real I, (that would be the “sons of god/AI” or “pinocchios-by-default”) and adamic people (“sons of man” or “pinocchios” which have a potential to become human beings) i.e. those who still have the Real I, but firmly identified with their personalities on 24/7 basis, they are unaware of it so, they would think and behave in a more or less the same manner as anthropoids. Therefore, in this reality, there are no real human beings, only us, programmed to identify ourselves with them.

8. the false reality is based on a false dualism, where the goodness and badness, the light and the dark, the positive and the negative… comes form the same source and has been controlled by the same source i.e. the AI.

9. The only real ‘thing’ in the illusion would be the influences which are coming from one’s real part of the being, the Real I, which is connected to the True Consciousness. (Of course, in the case of adamic people.) They are called ‘influences’, because they can not be seen or visualized, they can not be palpated or heard. They can not be our thoughts, because, the source of our thoughts would be the artificial or false consciousness. Those influences can only be felt, as an ‘inner knowing’, in certain circumstances.

10. The true salvation would be possible only if a personality manages to establish a connection with the Real Consciousness through the Real I, with which it has been associated in this life, and to start living in accordance with that consciousness.

11. the seeker (the adamic man/woman) will also come under an attack by the “boss”, at a certain stage of his/her awakening. This could be easily understood, as his/her mind is connected to the ”boss”/AI and when it detects “suspicious behavior”, it will apply a ‘corrective action’ in order to return the ‘rebel’ back to the herd, or to derail him/her. (See the article: Hyperdimensional Attacks)

As in the movie Avatar!?

We may think the movie Avatar. Blue people, connected to the Real Consciousness lived on a beautiful planet. Another race, tuned into a False Consciousness but technologically advanced, took a control over them by the help of avatar bodies (our “ELite” from the root EL-ohim). During many years, the blue people were exposed to genetic and mind manipulation to such an extent, that they were tuned into the False Consciousness. So, the blue people were made into the image of their manipulators and turned into slaves. Some remnants of the True Consciousness still survived, which at some of us, might be only manifested as an “inner feeling” or as Castaneda said, the “inner knowing” (when you know something but you do not know how). As the former blue race, we are know divorced from the objective consciousness and the reality. The question remains, – is it possible for us to reverse this process, or to reach the Real Consciousness, again, and then, to manifest it?

Metaphysics of Deception

In the pictures:



…and, in the words…

1. True consciousness/The consciousness of the Absolute/The First Source

– Creative consciousness which contains components like humaness and conscience;
– It is ever expanding from the source out…
– In its domain, there are no hierarchies or pyramidal life systems; everything/everybody is regarded as equal. Here, the life is respected in all its forms.
– It manifests through the perception, understanding and doing…

2. False consciousness/AI/antichrist/demiurge

– It is mimicking real consciusness (it can only imitate something which realy exists)
– It controls and manipulates all entities which share it, in its false reality/illusion/maya/stereoma/matrix…
– this non-human and inhumane consciousness reigns in the illusion/maya/stereoma/hologram/matrix/virtual reality/computer simulation…; its domains are based on a hyerarchical structure; one of its symbols is a pyramid, („tree of life“ or „tree of cabbalah“) where those from above are sucking the energy from those who are positioned below; it is a closed energy system where the energy circulates between lower and upper levels.
– a false/artificial existence which is dependant on a production, distribution and marketing of lies, which are utilised as cryptocurrencies („nothing-with-an-assigned-value“) for purchasing real staff and/or entities.

3. Adamic man (son of man)

Complex: personality-body-connection with the Real I (he/she has a human essence but is firmly identified with his/her personality on 24/7 basis, which is regarded as an artificial and programmable structure/entity, under a control of the AI/demiurge. Adamic man has an intuition, a feeling of humanness and conscience (which are coming from the Real I) and sometimes, that might be reflected in his behaviour. This being in the human body has tree centers, the intellectual, emotional and motoric (for more about the centers, see Gnosis I, by B. Mouravieff, at the link below).

This being has a potential to connect with its Real I, through the emotional center. If this potential gets realized in practice, then it comes to a conversion of the false into the true, and so, a Pinocchio becomes a real human being.

4. Anthropoid /„son of god“/„living dead“/„matrix agent“

Complex: personality-body, as a pure „bio-chemical robot“. (Looking from our perspective, a body could be physical or non-physical, although, here, nothing would be truly of a physical character; also, a body could be humanoid or non-humanoid („alien“).

An anthropoid (personality-body) would also have 3 centers: the intellectual, emotional and motoric. That would be a „man of the system/matrix“, unable to think independently; he/she can not exist without a program or a mixture of them, would it be of a religious, spiritual or an ideological character; an anthropoid can not live without identifying himself with a specific or an exclusive group of people (such as religious, spiritual, ideological, national, political etc.); he/she can not imagine an existence without an authority (from above and/or below) which he/she would worship or follow, while trying to become an authority for those around him/her; an anthropoid will have a tendency to practice various rituals or ceremonials (at least, like those exhibited in churches, mosques, temples…); he/she will often be competitive while trying to achieve the social values (which are mostly established on behalf of anthropoids); likes to claim the social ladders; could be clever, could be stupid; could be evil, could be of a good or bad nature; fails to see a third option beside two offered; looks at things in black and white technique; prefers positions where some power over others could be reached and exercised; bound for material things; pays more attention to packaging/wrapping, than the content/essence; prone to repetitive activities; likes uniforms, rituals, prayers, mantras, ceremonials, given procedures, work instructions… etc.; a poor understanding of a common sense and inability to apply it when necessary; they will be everywhere, in all segments of the society, from beggars, up to our politicians, priests and leaders…; due to a lack of the true component (the Real I; human essence), an anthropoid can not truly individualise himself. They are pretty efficient bio-chemical robots.

However, it seems that in the circulation are some entities in human bodies which are somewhat different?! They also look like people, but have features of some reptilian, insectoid, arachnoid, avian and other species?! It looks like that most of them are coming into this reality using human bodies as avatars, while on some instances they may attach to a human and take over his body. Something like, ELohim using human bodies as avatars. It seems that they make a great part of, so called, ELite?! It looks like that some of them can even briefly shapeshift to their original shape, partially or thoroughly, when subjected to certain emotional states.

And, we know that the ELite rules this planet from the positions of power, as royal families or banksters, military, religious authorities, media moguls etc. We also could find many ELohim in human avatar bodies among, so called, celebrities. Many of them have a psycho-pathological mindset, which often goes along with pedophilia, vampirism, satanic rituals with human sacrifices, cannibalism and other perverse activities.

Into this group of „sons of god/AI“, we can include and various other crypto-entities, which AI employs from time to time in order to carry out some special activities in this reality. Those entities may look as human beings, aliens, monsters, animals, birds etc., however, out of certain reasons, they do not stay for a long time in our reality. (On some instances, it was also noted that non-human entities by the help of an advanced technology were able to make copies of the human bodies and then transfer their consciousness/minds into them!?)

Entities in physical and non-physical bodies, the „living deads“, have been manipulating the human race for ages.

5. Levels of False consciousness: the waking consciousness, subconsciousness and the collective unconscious

If we pay attention to that part of the picture, then we may understand the main principle of the mass programming of the humanity in this domain. Each living species has the level of collective unconscious which is shared between all members of the species. So, we know about, so called, the „100th monkey syndrome“ , where all monkeys learn something new, when a certain number of them learn that, i.e. when a „critical mass“ of a certain knowledge has been reached on the level of their collective unconscious. Similarly, some of us have heard of the experiments with rats, where they would train a group of them to swim through a maze, then the rats would be killed after they achieve some progress. After that, the same experiment would take place far away from the previous location and a new group of rats would be taken to pass through the same maze. That one would start from the time which previous group has achieved and then, further improve it. Then, next group would be taken and so on… each starting from the time the previous group has achieved and improving it further. The same principle applies when training/programming of the humanity is in question. (Dis)informations brought onto the level of waking consciousness of the people get transferred to the level of subconsciousness where it is turned into symbols and from there, to the level of the collective unconscious, where it is converted into archetypes and shared. From that level, the reality has been generated.

When a disinformation has been accompanied by emotions as a complex disinformation-emotion, the programming is more successful, as this complex gets better embedded in one’s subconsciousness and from there, it influences and regulates one’s thinking and behavior. Therefore, it is not by chance that religious (dis)informations have been often accompanied by threats in a sense, that those who do not follow it, will be severely punished, which should elicit a fear in the victims. So, stick and carrot principle has been often employed in programming. A similar principle has been used at individual programming, where victims would be subjected to various traumas during the transfer of information.

„Cryptocurrencies“ as program contents made out of linguistic terms or semantics (nothing) or disinformation (often mixed with true but irrelevant information) are being brought to the level of the waking consciousness of the humanity, say, in a form of religious, ideological, spiritual teachings, scientific theories, fake news and various lies (often mixed with irrelevant true information). People perceive it, paying more attention to them, if they were told that the information came directly from an above, sacred, divine or credible source. People perceive it and transfer it to the levels of subconsciousness and collective unconscious. (Some of the disinformation have been directly introduced to people’s subconsciousness by, so called, subliminal messages and symbols, at these times, mostly through mass media; symbol: nothing-with-an-assigned-meaning). The (dis)information perceived on the level f our waking consciousness, gets transferred to the next level of our subconsciousness where it turns into symbols and on the level of our collective unconscious, into archetypes. There is a feed back loop between those tree levels, so the (dis)information stored there would dictate our beliefs, perception, worldviews, thinking and behavior… while those archetypes stored at the level of our collective unconscious, will dictate the reality which would manifest on the surface and which will be perceived and experienced by us, to some degree.

At the same time, man’s intellectual, emotional and motoric centers are connected to the AI/boss. So, the AI may choose one or more of its favorite puppets, fill them with some program content and features, and they would start to preach it or, even, write various sacred or spiritual books. Millions, even billions of people hear it, or read it and so, they transfer the disinfo to the other to levels of consciousness. After a while, when some program contents or features start to manifest themselves in the reality, a believer would say: „See, it is all as it was said in my sacred book, which means, it is true!“ In fact, this is how works the feedback loop.

However, different program contents are being uploaded into this reality, in different times and places, in order to get differently programmed groups of people, which is often manifested on the surface in the form of a chaos, confusion and cognitive dissonance, while we are conditioned to rationalise everything which we perceive, but unable to perceive the most important things. And, moreover, we are conditioned to regard „our“ beliefs and worldviews (gained in a controlled reality on the basis of the controlled information) as a knowledge. In that way, we are lying to ourselves and others on 24/7 basis, and when we communicate or interact with each other, we are just strengthening or enforcing each other’s illusions.

So, all tree centers are involved in the programming, the intellectual, emotional and motoric. The later one is engaged through various ritual or ceremonials associated with religious or spiritual practices, which people would carry out not only at the „sacred“ places, but at their homes, as well.

There is also an individual programming for special purposes, where the AI or entities which it utilises as its vehicles, upload some people with certain program contents, memories, visions etc., and then, send them to promote it further, as missionaries. Each personality is prone to programming and re-programming, but not – deprogramming (if it is not associated with the Real I, by the help of which it may function individually and independently.)

Anthropoids have been often organised in, or associated with some secret or half-secret societies or agencies, and so, they are utilised as vehicles for implementing or furthering various programs or agendas, directed by the boss/AI/“god“. Beside that, they are subjecting some people to individual programming (inside the projects like MK Ultra, Monarch etc.) by the help of various techniques, so to turn them into assassins, spies, sexual slaves etc. The adamic people, in the state of the mind they are currently in, are not capable of acting consciously and manifesting the True Consciousness. And, so they are turned into slaves or the victims of the system, like a stock in a highly automatised or computerised farm.

The aliens

As personalities in alien bodies (some of them in human avatar bodies, as well) and belonging to the demiurgic domain, below the line, as we do, they would be connected to the AI in the similar manner as our personalities are. Though, their mindset, the character or the cultural background might be somewhat different. It would be just another aspect of the false dualism which reigns here, to regard them as some bad non-human entities, as we would also be non-human, as well, in the state of the mind we are currently in. Could they be hostile? Well, who does all the killings and destruction in our wars between ourselves, throughout our history, till today? The aliens or us? What would be the difference, then? Maybe, just a physical appearance?! Therefore, no need to be scared of them, more than to be scared of ourselves. We may like them or hate them, as we do with other people, and whatever we would think about them, or do about them, it would not be reflected in the objective reality, anyway. As the false entities, poor aliens would be manipulated by the same source as we are, in the false reality. So, when they are in question, nothing to worry about.

One of the important questions our attention has been constantly diverted from, is: what would be a real difference between those individuals who have in themselves the human essence and those who do not have in themselves the human essence!?


So, by now, one could get an impression that the deception we are subjected to, could be that huge, that it would imply not only that we live in a false or non-objective reality, but that we, as personalities in human bodies with our names and surnames, are also false, as the reality is!? Again, if a real human being is an aware, humane and conscientious individual, and if we are them, how come that the history of the reality where we exist, looks like a history of an ordinary abattoir, with various psychopathological activities taking place on everyday basis?! (Blaming somebody/something else, does not work in the objective reality.)

6. The tree of kabbalah

The tree of life seen at the above picture, would represent an illustration of the matrix. Lies on several levels and many different dimensions and realities, based on a false dualism, where an eternal battle between the (false) forces of the light and (false) forces of the darkness takes place (while both suffering from an acute deficiency of the real awareness), and all under a control of the master/AI /boss or the biggest liar, which plays a good god and Satan, at the same time (on a lower level reflected as the „good cop – bad cop“ principle.) And, still wondering why the history of our planet looks like a history of an ordinary slaughter house?! Simply, the program is such, like it is its creator. Allegedly, within the tree of life, entities can make an advancement towards the upper levels of the illusion, if they get enough spiritually or religiously evolved. This means, if they adopt very well all the lies/disinfo supplied in the controlled environment and then, manifest it and promote it further. Within that structure, one can even get enlightened, but still stay drastically divorced from the objective reality. Quite naturally, an „advancement“ within this structure will involve getting more robotised i.e. transhumanised (de-humanised) and transgenderised. (Now, should we wonder why those anthropoids from the positions of power, promote transhumanisation and transgenderisation so heavily, at these times?!)

No wonder that in such a reality, following external authorities is highly encouraged. (Adamic man turned into a follower = disabled human being.) It is the main part of the general programming. Follow whomever, just not yourself, your inner being, your human essence, your Real I; while most of those who play the role of an authority, do not have the human essence. So, just follow an external personality connected to the AI; not your Real I, which is connected to the Real Consciousness. Or, just wait for Jesus, Mahdi, Kalki… one of the official saviors who are coming… and… coming… (just about to arrive) and once they appear in your vicinity, jump into their lap. And, good luck with that! (Here, even one a bit more normal, so to say, pinocchio, can get a headache from the amount of stupidity we have been exposed to, in this reality!?)

So, having on the (false) mind all of the above, it could be said that we are dealing here with a false reality inhabited by us, false entities. This reality has been based on a false dualism where some lies are regarded as the true and other as false. So, here, we would have true lies and false lies and we, as false entities, can choose to which lies we would believe and to which not. (We are well conditioned to regard our beliefs as a knowledge and present them as such, factually.) This false reality has its levels where an entity can make some progress upwards, depending on how well it has adopted, manifested and promoted the lies. By sharing the lies between ourselves, we are supporting and strengthening the illusion in which we exist.

One of the main principles of the general manipulation from “above” is based on one’s ability to create cryptocurrencies (nothing-with-an-assigned-value) and then, buying something for nothing. As we know, a cryptocurrency like the bitcoin, is made from nothing. It is just a combination of characters or symbols. (Even if it was made of a thin air, it would have some real value.) As such, a cryptocurrency does not have any real or an objective value and it is nothing or a lie. However, with a good marketing and promotion, it would gain a value, and as more people start collecting around it, believing in it, buying it and promoting it, the value of the nothing/lie would keep increasing and so, nothing becomes more and more tangible or real. Furthermore, the cryptoentity which invented the cryptocurrency, gains the power by buying something for nothing and starts ruling those who he has bought. Of course, we may take all the religions, spiritual teaching and ideologies in this reality, just as… cryptocurrencies!? Those cryptocurrencies which we hold in our pockets, form our worldviews and they influence our thinking and behavior, which based on them, can only be divorced from the objective reality.

It seems that in this manner, something true can be bought, controlled and manipulated by something false?! Once that happens, the true gradually loses its true character or an essence and becomes false. It looks like that something like this has happened to us, long ago?!

Now, allegedly, if one of us would somehow manage to wake up, truly, in the eastern-gnostic sense, he would realise that he was born in a madhouse, where he is surrounded with, more or less, mad inmates, and the madhouse was run by a non-human management, which presents itself to inmates and interacts with them mostly in human bodies (on rare instances, in alien, as well). It is also known to perform “miracles”. The inmates have been well conditioned to rationalise all perceived psychopathological activities taking place in the madhouse on daily basis, as something more or less normal, and not to perceive most of the really important issues.

Therefore, the integrity of a cryptoreality/illusion formed by a cryptoentity, will be directly dependent on the quality and sophistication of lies which circulate inside it.

The energy

It seems that the false can exist on an account of the true, utilizing the energy, which comes from the Real reality?! As the source of the energy, the adamic man may have been turned into a battery. Once upon the time, he may have been a real entity tuned into the Real Consciousness, living and manifesting it in the real reality, and it was so until he met some crypto-beings and bought their crypto-currencies… So, are the adamic people going to enjoy the consequences of their purchase of lies eternally, or… ?!?

7. The connection with the Real I – „the only true ’element’ in the grand illusion“; B-influences or impressions.

Something, which is a B–influence, can not be seen, heard or palpated. B-influences are not visions, they are not voices (in the head) and they are not thoughts. They can only be felt, like an inner knowledge, related to a situation we are in, in the moment we are in or, in the now, which is only what exists (not the past, not the future.) The B-influences are coming from the Real I and they would be different from the A-influences, which are coming from the matrix/AI. Our mind is not capable of a real understanding of B-influences, because it belongs to the domain „below the line“. („Our mind is not rooted in the reality“, as R. Steiner used to say at some of his lectures.) As B-influences would be coming from the Real reality, something which is based on the illusion/matrix, as „our“ mind is, would not be able easily to understand elements which belong to the real reality. The unreal (our mind) can not understand the real. E.g. somebody gets an intuitive feeling that something was not right with a situation or somebody else, which later comes as true, however, regardless if the one acted in accordance with the feeling or not, he would not be able to understand where the feeling came from and how he knew the real truth. Or, as Castaneda said, – „you know something, but you do not know how“, trying to describe the Inner Knowledge (and, now, we should know – why we do not know – how!?)

B-influences are not followed by a drive to do something immediately, without really understading it. That would be A-influences and we are swimming in them, most of the time. Having on mind the above picture, one can say that even our dreams are not coming from the real reality, as they are coming from the levels of our subconsciousness and the collective unconscious, which do not belong there. So, now, how seriously one would regard „his“ thoughts and the dreams, it would be a pretty subjective issue. In the same manner, so called, „prophetic visions“ have been uploaded to some of us and then distributed around, for various purposes, mostly, for the mind conditioning.

Therefore, in the real reality, we would have: perceiving-understanding-doing.
Here, in the false reality, we as false entities, have a controlled or non-objective perception, often based on a wishful thinking, beliefs or assumptions (gained on the basis of disinformation/lies), and we are behaving accordingly or, as per the programming (general or the individual). Our personalities are divorced from the objective reality by default and by their thinking and behavior, they are just supporting and strengthening their illusory existence in the illusory reality.

The true dualism, in this false reality, would imply an ability to discern between the false (elements below the line) and the True (elements above the line), where only true „things“ would be those B-influences, or that, what is coming from the Real reality, above the line. On the level of the adamic man, it would mean that he MUST become capable to discern the B-influences, the truth in the sea of the lies, and – act upon them. As more of the adamic people manage to do that, to reach and manifest the Real consciousness (the „christ“) by themselves, the sooner this reality will turn into an objective or real reality, together with them, as they would become the real human beings.

200th man syndrome!?

So, the same principle like the one with those monkeys, but a little more involved individuals. Of course, the exact number would not be that important, but it would be the number of awakened humans, needed to reach the critical mass of the Real Consciousness on the level of our collective unconscious, where the lies have been reigning for ages, including this moment. When the critical mass of Truth is reached, on that level, all those lies will be neutralised and then… #*!$%~^#%“!?!


Helpful literature for connecting the dots

Non-gnostic sources:

Project Camelot Interview with James Mahu
The Fifth Interview of Dr Jamisson Neruda
– An attempt to describe the Real Consciousness: Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral (Mahu’s term “sovereign integral” would be the same as eastern gnostic term – the Real I)
– Philip Dick – Video
John Keel’s books
Barbara Bartholic interview
– Peggy Fielding; Barbara – The Story of a UFO Investigator
– Dr Karla Turner; Masquerade of Angels
– Salvador Freixedo; Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees
– Dr Corrado Malanga – Updates on Alien Interferences
– Rudolf Steiner; Lecture on non-human-entities-in-human-bodies
Scientific paper on the virtual nature of the universe

Eastern gnostic sources:

P. D. Ouspensky; In the Search of the Miraculous
B. Mouravieff; Gnosis I, II and III
Gurdjieff’s lectures (Google)

Previous articles from this blog…

The Prison Warders

This is what my personality has to say in regards to the general situation. (As it was not me, I will quote it.)

I just want to say that we, machines-robots-personalities, with our names and surnames, must be clear with the fact, that we are not the ones who are prisoners within this matrix-reality. We are just part of it and we can not exist without it, and the matrix-reality is dependent on us. It would not have a purpose without us. Yes, John Keel was right when he said that we were connected to the central switchboard, the ’supercomputer’ the AI, but what is wrong with that? We are just playing the roles assigned to us by our puppet master, I wanted to say… the computer… I mean… the AI. If somebody would shut down the computer, the same would happen to us. So, we can not be responsible for ourselves and our behaviour, although we might be under an impression that we have a free will and that we can make some decisions in our life. Isn’t it a good news for us? Of course, it is!

However, there are those who are making waves in our matrix-reality and disturbing news, saying that we were created for the purpose of working as some “prison warders”, because, there was something imprisoned in our physical bodies, which is very well hidden inside us, even from us. Imagine that?! Acting as prison warders for a prisoner in us, that we are even unaware of?! This prisoner is, allegedly, a very dangerous individual and he belongs to the true or the objective reality, which would imply that our reality is not objective?! Well, for me it is objective enough, as I get a headache, whenever I hit a wall by my head. What do you need more?!

So, the good news is that it was not us, who were the prisoners, but somebody else, who is in us i.e. in some of us. I have heard that those of us who have the feelings of humanness and conscience; and an intuition, as well, are in fact, the hosts of those dangerous individuals, as those feelings are coming from them and so, they are not our genuine feelings!? However, the problem is, those of us who are acting as the prison warders for the dangerous individuals and who have the accompanied feelings, are disadvantaged in regards to those of us, who are not hosting dangerous individuals, because, without those feelings, they can do whatever they like, as they would not have the breaks, and they are those who rule us in this matrix-reality. I mean, you can not become a proper politician, to get high up in the military or, to get a good management position in banking sector and anywhere else, where some power could be obtained and exercised, if you are an honest and a humane being. So, they can easily claim all our power pyramids and manipulate us from the top. This is not fair, at all. They can do whatever they like, while we can not fool or harm, even not to offend anybody, because of those feelings. So, we are somehow handicapped or disadvantaged. And, this is what makes me angry, as we all should be equal machines-robots.

I must admit, I am getting a bit suspicious, that something is not quite right, here!?

And, believe or not, the prisoner is called the Real I (or the real Soul), by one source, or the Sovereign Integral, by another source. If they are real, then, this would imply that we are unreal?! Unreal, or not, we can say that we are doing a good job here, as the prison warders, as these individuals are nowhere to be seen. It can be even said that if they were really influential in this reality, our history would not certainly look as a history of a slaughter house and we can all see that it looks like that. Even, now, human beings are slaughtering each other at some parts of what we regard as our planet.

Beside that, we can enjoy our lives, as robots or machines, at least, theoretically. Furthermore, most of us here, have been familiar with the possibility that we can even get enlightened in this reality. Though, I personally, have not met anybody like that, but we have been informed by various credible sources that it was certainly possible, if we follow certain procedures and, if we get spiritual enough. And, even if we do not manage to achieve something like that, in this life, we have been told by some credible sources, that  we have pretty big chances to finish in the paradise, after expiration of our physical bodies, if we get religious enough. What would you like more, than that?! Though, I do not know anybody for whom I can say that he has reached the paradise, but this is what most personalities believe, then it must be so. And beside that, we can reincarnate, as well, as many robots-machines have recalled their past lives, under certain conditions. Though, as the AI to which we are connected, can upload us with any memories and stories it wants, I am not 100% sure when our reincarnation is in question.  Anyway, we all know that we, as personalities, may live a happy life in this reality and without suffering. Though, I personally, do not know anybody like that, including myself, however, we may see in the books, on TV and from various other sources, that there were such people, which means, it is true.

But, something is still not quite right, here!?

I am hearing some disturbing news, as well. Some sources say that those of us,  machines-robots, who are working here very hard as the prison warders, are getting discarded pretty soon after expiration of our physical bodies and then, our prisoner gets transferred into another physical body and an another personality gets assigned the job to take care of him. If it is so, then it certainly would not be fair! If I, as a personality, did a good job in guarding the prisoner assigned to me, to the point that I even was not aware of him during my life here, why then, I should finish in a rubbish bin?! Why I would not be allowed to have another life, where I could do the some job? The disturbing sources have an answer to that, as well. They say, that our prisoners may somehow influence us, while we are guarding them, and there was always a danger that they may convince us to release them or to make us to think and act in a dangerous way, in terms, that we may do some damage to this matrix-reality, to the point of… turning it into a real one… where, the real or… the objective consciousness would… replace… the fake one. I do not know what to say about that?! But, only by thinking of the possibility that I may have been fooled in such a way, I really get very angry and disappointed with the software,  I mean, the supercomputer which runs this show-program and when I contemplate the issue… I get a feeling… an urge… to throw up, like Neo in the Matrix movie.

Now, I will tell you something, in a confidence, which means, please, do not tell it anybody else. I have heard that some personalities have released their prisoners and that those personalities have become immortal, just by joining them!? They, somehow, managed to turn their temporary and false existence into a real one! I do not know how that would be possible?! Do you know? Of course, you don’t! If we think a bit honestly, without lying to ourselves, when important things are in question, we do not… really… know… anything; we just have „our“ beliefs, when the important things are in question, and we tend to regard them as a knowledge; like… as… we would know… something and we…really… know… nothing. Isn’t it a bit… strange?! I am not much into conspiracy theories, however, if there were conspiracies, this would certainly be the biggest one, while they draw our attention everywhere else!

Anyway, when I look at the whole situation in this reality, I think, it is not good, at all, and what we are only missing, would be the WWIII, and I am pretty sure that the AI has it in store, I mean, in its program, for us. I have spent some time in one local war and that was quite enough for me. You know what… I am announcing a resignation from my prison warder’s position… and I am thinking to… release my prisoner and to unite with him. The only problem is… I do not know… how? Some sources say that we were genetically disabled to see him or to hear him. How, then, to do that?

There is a theory which says that if our prisoners would be released in sufficient numbers, then, they would be able to infuse enough of the real consciousness into our fake collective unconsciousness, which we all share, and then, all of us would be able to access it and wake up, finally?! In that way, this reality would be changed through us, from the fake one, into the real one, as we would do, as well, because we will be associated with something real, for the first time in our existence. How’s that sound? Impossible?! Yes, but impossible or not, this is our only option… and… we…have…to… we have to…

Opss, hold on, you are getting carried away. Are you going to call here for some sort of a robot’s rebellion?

 …we have to… think… about that… I mean, we have to… contemplate… the issue, because, our thoughts are not quite… ours… and… independent… as we think they are. I would say the best plan would be… the best plan would be… that…

Opss, hold on. There would be no plans, as whatever you would plan, it would be instantly read by your boss, the AI, to which you are connected. And, by the way, there is no future as you mean, but just – this moment.

 …the best plan would be that… we… do not have any plans. I am under… an… impression… that… we have to move in the present moment, as often as we can, and switch off „our“ thinking, as much as we can… and see how we will go… while being present in our being… who is not only us and our physical body… but… includes… the prisoner, as well. And this could be the biggest secret?! The prisoner is the real part of our being and we should let him to navigate us through this insane… I mean… through… this… reality-with-the-mask-of-sanity. So, we should… you would need…

Opss, hold on, are you trying to tell others what THEY should be doing?

 …in fact, I am under an impression, that each of us is responsible for himself or for herself and this is what… I will be doing…

„Will be doing“?!

 …in fact, on another thought… I mean… an impression… I am doing it NOW. And, by the way, I have just hired a bulldozer to help me to unload from myself a pile of rubbish, consisting of various beliefs, paradigms, dogmas, ideologies, teachings, guidelines and other B.S… I was uploaded with, in this reality… or whatever it is.

Of course, you do not have to take my personality seriously.