A wake up call…

I meant, for those of us, who are ready and this call will be a bit different from other ones. At this times and here, many of us would be, so called, truthseekers, as by some innate force and by an intuition, we were collecting information unceasingly, until now. And, now is the time just to comprehend or to understand, on the level of our being, all what we have collected from outside. Of course, most of the information we have collected, by now, would consist from a nice mixture of garbage and B.S.; however, digging into it and examining it, will be very helpful to us,  to gain some deeper understanding, before we throw it in a rubbish bin, together with all beliefs which were so dear to our… personalities.

Many of us have heard of so called “matrix” and each of our personalities will have a different view about what it is. Some personalities may even talk about possibilities to overcome it, or to get out of it!? Say, the matrix is an artificial or a virtual reality and as such, it is a lie. However, when entering it, in order to experience the lie, and maybe, to be successfully manipulated in this false reality, we were implanted by an artificial structure or a “foreign installation” (as Carlos Castaneda called it), which is, in fact, an another lie and we have been familiar with it, as we know the lie by the name and surname of our… personality. And, all of us have been firmly identified with our… implants, I mean… foreign installations, I wanted to say…the False Is, pardon, the… personalities.

So, one may say that the false or artificial reality has been experienced through a false or artificial implant, which is our… personality. So, the false has been experienced by the false.

In the Eastern Gnosis, the personality was called the False I and beside the False I, we, or better to say, many of us, are still supposed to have a Real I, or “higher centres of the Soul”. However, most of us live whole our lives firmly identified with our False I, and die without being much aware of our Real I.

As an artificial structure, the personality can not wake up (but, she can get a master degree or even PhD in pretending of doing it!)  and, as it is a part of the matrix structure, she can not get out of it. In fact, the personality has been designed to keep us in the matrix. This is its program, its duty, its role, its job and its work instruction. That is not to say that the personality can not get highly spiritual in this reality. However, the spirituality does not seem to have much in common with the objective reality and the awakening of the human being. That is probably why the spirituality is so popular in the matrix. So, in the matrix reality, we can only have a matrix spirituality, designed so to entertain our personalities and give us some impression of an advancement towards some higher levels of the existence, while keeping us where we are.

On the other side, the real awakening would mean, – exposing our own personality as a foreign installation – the implant-the False I-the Trojan horse… and subjecting it to the control of the Real I, which in the meanwhile, should have been developed up to the task.

This is not easy to do, because, everything we know about ourselves, is our… personality. And, of course, all those beliefs, many of which were so dear to our personality, we would have to discard into a rubbish bin, if we really want to wake up. This procedure might be a bit painful and followed by a headache, however, the personality is the one which feels the pain and suffers from headaches, so we do not have to worry; in fact, if we would worry about it at all, then again, it would not be us, but our foreign installation i.e. our… personality.

Of course, the above definition has been just read by your… foreign installation… and it will now try to deny it, ignore it and forget it! If the definition is true, you may experience some cognitive dissonance, because your personality will try to go on with the business as usual… while your Real I may start awakening and your being will be getting two pictures, one embedded in lies as usual, coming from your… personality, and the other, the true one, coming from your Real I.


Yes, you have probably already realised where the problem is!? (If you did not, it is not you to blame for it, but your… personality.) So, say, you managed to overcome your own… foreign installation-personality… and your Real I takes control over your being… and so… you woke up. Now, you, as a Real I… as a real human being… have an intention to help other Real Is, to overcome the personalities which keep them imprisoned and so, to help them to free themselves from their false-being-state. Then, how are you going to do that, if you would know, by now, that when talking to other human beings, you are talking, in fact, to their… foreign installations!? As they would want to stay in control of the human beings, the installations have been attached to, and as they are of such a nature by default… you would be likely to be perceived by them as a threat or an enemy.

In the Eastern Gnosis it was recommended to keep quiet, when going in this direction of esoteric development, otherwise, one will be attacked by others or by the General Law (AI). (See the article: Hyperdimensioal attacks, below)


Part II

Now, let’s go back to the Parable about the Eagle in the chookyard, related by Anthony de Mello, in one of his books:

“Somebody found an eagle’s egg and put it in a nest of a barnyard hen. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. All his life the eagle did what the barnyard chicks did, thinking he was a barnyard chicken. He scratched the earth for worms and insects. He clucked and cackled. And he would thrash his wings and fly a few feet into the air.

 Years passed and the eagle grew very old. One day he saw a magnificent bird above him in the cloudless sky. It glided in graceful majesty among the powerful wind currents, with scarcely a beat on his strong golden wings. The old eagle looked up in awe.

 “Who’s that?” he asked.

 “That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” said his neighbour. “He belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth – we’re chickens.”

 So the eagle lived and died a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was.”

OK, this seems what has been happening to us, however, such a sort of life can not go forever. As eagles-in-the chookyard, we can not enjoy our life with the real chickens (anthropoids-soulless humans) forever, because there is something which is called the “end of the circle”. Short and good, some readings of the AI’s software, or the general program, which controls automatically the chicken farm operation, indicate that we, as eagles-identified-with-chickens, do not have much time to wake up to our eagle’s nature and to leave the chookyard, or to change the situation in the chicken farm, drastically, on our behalf. Otherwise, we may finish in somebody’s pot, together with the real chickens!?

So far, we had quite enough time to realise that something is wrong here, however, as our foreign installations-False Is-implants-chookparts-personalities… do not belong to the true reality, their rationalising would always be, more or less, divorced from the reality.

An example of rationalising:

“There was a lecture on hypnosis, where the lecturer hypnotised a guy from the audience and gave him a so called post-hypnotic suggestion, where he was supposed to forget everything and go back to the audience, however, whenever the lecturer would touch his ear, the guy should stand up and shout  out, as a rooster: “Kukurikuuuuuu”!!!

 So, after the guy returned to the audience, the lecturer continued with his lecture and after a while, the lecturer touched his ear, and the guy stood up and shouted: “Kukurikuuuuuu”!!! After this has repeated several times, they asked the guy from the audience why he was doing that. He replied how he noted that the atmosphere in the audience was somehow bad, so he wanted to cheer people up by that gesture.”

 ANYTHING in this reality can be rationalised, while the rationalising personality will never admit that her thinking and actions could be just a result of a conditioning.  (Therefore the saying: “What in this chookyard passes as rational, sends the shivers down the spine of the rest of the universe”.)

Source: The containers (see the article on this blog, below)

…and what else can we expect from a programmed foreign installation?! The end of the circle, the chooks may experience in a nuclear form, if they do not find themselves in the part of the chookyard which will be targeted first, i.e. if  they would have enough time to experience anything, at all.  By now, our personalities have been programed to rationalise, more or less “successfully”, various psychopathological activities which have been happening in the chookyard, together with two World Wars, in which have won “forces of good”, of course, as they always do, and which costed us millions of lives and a lot of suffering. We have quite successfully ignored the fact that after the last victory of the “forces of good”, there were 248 local armed conflicts and wars, in which more than 30 million of human beings have lost their lives, and still do, while 90% of the victims consisted of civilians and children; only from the year 1995 till now, 400 million human beings died from poverty and hunger, 90% of which were children… and, our foreign installations will quite comfortably rationalise it, or ignore it. Yet, we call ourselves “human beings” implying that we were humane!? And, beside that, we expect a bright future for our children and ourselves?! How is it possible to expect a wellbeing and bright future for ourselves… when doing  nothing for the wellbeing of others; how is it possible to expect a bright future for our own children… when doing nothing for the welfare of other children?! The insane race in armament and enormous amounts of money invested in the weapons of mass destruction, we have rationalised as something which should ensure peace in the chookyard, without thinking that this stockpile of weapons will be used, one day. OK, there is no point in talking about all insane activities in the chookyard, as books may be written about them… we were just thinking as the chooks should think… we just believed in what the chooks were supposed to believe… we just behaved as the chooks were expected to behave, however, there is one thing which needs to be clear, those who think and behave like the chooks, will have the chook fate, regardless of that, if one had inside of himself an eagle-the Real I-the Soul, or not.

Those of us, who have that, the most important part of the human being, will have o demonstrate it, at these times; and not to others, but to themselves. At these times, some of us may get an intuitive feeling to move out of the towns and crowded areas, to the country where we will be able to produce some food and provide some clean water to us and our families?!

Those of us who manage to take over the control over their foreign installation i.e. the personality and so, start living consciously in a unison with their Real I, will move gradually to the now or the present moment and whatever they will be doing in the present moment, it will be optimally reflected in what our personalities call the “future”. The dualistic, the black-white view of the reality will gradually fade away and people will see what it is, as it is, without judging and classifying things in terms of “good-bad” and without painting them with the wishful thinking. (These were some of the numerous faculties of our foreign installations). When TSHTF (as perceived by the chooks), the eagles will be at the right place, doing the right things, if they decide to stay in the chookyard (for some purposes?!). Some of us may leave the chookyard by our own will (dimensional shift!?). Anyway, whatever would we do, it will be based on an understanding why we are doing it and it will be for the benefit of the humanity. (One of the main features of the Real I-the Soul is a humanness, accompanied by a sufficient awareness.)


P.S. At the end of this part, in case you forgot, the real awakening means – exposing our own personality as a foreign installation – an implant-a False I-a real Trojan horse… and subjecting it to the control of the Real I, which in the meanwhile, should have been developed up to the task.

Part III

Of course, I am not saying anything new, here. The “phenomenon” has been known for a long time. What I am doing here, I am just connecting the dots and presenting it in a different format.

When the population in the chookyard is in question, in terms of the eagles as souled humans mixed with the real chooks, or anthropoids (soulless humans), this is what we could find in Gnosis III, by Mouravieff:

“In the first volume of ‘Gnosis’, we had already referred several times to this coexistence of two essentially different races: one of Men, and another of Anthropoids. We must emphasize the fact that from the esoteric point of view the latter term has no derogatory meaning.


The Scriptures contain more than one reference to the coexistence on our planet of these two humanities—which are now alike in form but unlike in essence. We can even say that the whole dramatic history of humanity, from the fall of Adam until today, not excluding the prospect of the New Era, is overshadowed by the coexistence of these two human races whose separation will occur only at the Last Judgment.

(Excerpt from Gnosis III, B. Mouravieff, Chapter XIV)

When we are talking about the control system, some people, who made a great effort in investigating so called paranormal phenomena, like Barbara Bartholic, say that the same force has been controlling both sides on the chess board, so it can always control the outcome of the game. [see the book: Barbara – the Story of a UFO Investigator and the –  interview with her.]

Then, we have John Keel:

”You and I are biochemical robots controlled by the powerful radiations being broadcast from the Eighth Tower [supercomputer]. Our brains are programmed like computers, and many of us are suddenly and completely reprogrammed at some point in our adult life. At birth our entire lives are planned for us, and as we weave and totter through our allotted three score and ten, we find ourselves manipulated by ‘luck’, by strange coincidences, and by sudden changes in ourselves and our environment.

 Visualize a mad scientist who needs someone to clean out his secret laboratory in his castle on a forbidding mountaintop.

 He constructs a mechanical robot for the job and programs it so it can move freely within the lab, but if it should open the door and try to move out of the laboratory, it is programmed to self-destruct.

 The robot calls it slavery. We call it free will. We are free to pursue our life in our own way so long as we conform to the hidden master plan. If we try to circumvent that plan by zigging instead of zagging, we self-destruct.”

 We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever. We are caught up in a poker game being played with marked cards. Yet, in the closing years of this century, we are like the inveterate gambler who, when informed that the game is crooked, shrugs and says, “I know… but it’s the only game in town”!


All of our beads are wired to a central switchboard [supercomputer]. That switchboard is the only God and the only reality. Illusions and delusions are piped down from it to further confound our perception of reality.”


We are now nearing the end of a cosmic cycle, however, and our ultimate fate is becoming more and more obvious. We have been programmed well, but the Eighth Tower is dying of old age. The manifestations around us are not the work of the gods but of a senile machine playing out the end game.”

(Source: The Cosmic Question of the Eighth Tower)

Carlos Castaneda (Active Side of Infinity):

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so. […] You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.

 ‘Why has this predator taken over in the fashion that you’re describing, don Juan?’ I asked. ‘There must be a logical explanation.’

 ‘There is an explanation,’ don Juan replied, ‘which is the simplest explanation in the world. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore, their food is always available to them.’

 ‘No, no, no, no,’ I heard myself saying. ‘This is absurd, don Juan. What you’re saying is something monstrous. It simply can’t be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone.’

 ‘Why not?’ don Juan asked calmly. ‘Why not? Because it infuriates you?’

 ‘Yes, it infuriates me,’ I retorted. ‘Those claims are monstrous!’ […]

 ‘I want to appeal to your analytical mind, ‘ Don Juan said. ‘Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.’

 ‘But how can they do this, don Juan?’ I asked, somehow angered further by what he was saying. ‘Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?’

 ‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!’ don Juan said, smiling. ‘They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

So, the “predator’s mind” would be just another name for…?!

Phillip Dick, on a conference in Paris (1977):

 “We live in a computer programmed reality” –  LINK

Conversation between Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, somewhere during the WW1 (book: In the Search of the Miraculous ):

“Have you ever thought about the fact that all peoples themselves are machines?”

“Yes,” I said, “from the strictly scientific point of view all people are machines governed by external influences. But the question is, can the scientific point of view be wholly accepted?”

“Scientific or not scientific is all the same to me,” said G. “I want you to understand what I am saying. Look, all those people you see,” he pointed along the street, “are simply machines—nothing more.”

“I think I understand what you mean,” I said. “And I have often thought how little there is in the world that can stand against this form of mechanization and choose its own path.”

“This is just where you make your greatest mistake,” said G. “You think there is something that chooses its own path, something that can stand against mechanization; you think that not everything is equally mechanical.”

“Why, of course not!” I said. “Art, poetry, thought, are phenomena of quite a different order.”

“Of exactly the same order,” said G. “These activities are just as mechanical as everything else. Men are machines and nothing but mechanical actions can be expected of machines.”

“Very well,” I said. “But are there no people who are not machines?”

“It may be that there are,” said G., “only not those people you see. And you do not know them. That is what I want you to understand.”

I thought it rather strange that he should be so insistent on this point. What he said seemed to me obvious and incontestable. At the same time, I had never liked such short and all-embracing metaphors. They always omitted points of difference. I, on the other hand, had always maintained differences were the most important thing and that in order to understand things it was first necessary to see the points in which they differed. So I felt that it was odd that G. insisted on an idea which seemed to be obvious provided it were not made too absolute and exceptions were admitted.

“People are so unlike one another,” I said. “I do not think it would be possible to bring them all under the same heading. There are savages, there are mechanized people, there are intellectual people, there are geniuses.”

“Quite right,” said G., “people are very unlike one another, but the real difference between people you do not know and cannot see. The difference of which you speak simply does not exist. This must be understood. All the people you see, all the people you know, all the people you may get to know, are machines, actual machines working solely under the power of external influences, as you yourself said. Machines they are born and machines they die. How do savages and intellectuals come into this? Even now, at this very moment, while we are talking, several millions of machines are trying to annihilate one another. What is the difference between them? Where are the savages and where are the intellectuals? They are all alike . . .

“But there is a possibility of ceasing to be a machine. It is of this we must think …”


So, we can call our personality – the machine, as well?!

B. Mouravieff:

 “Save for rare exceptions, he [the man] knows nothing inside himself other than the Personality. This, by its contrast with his body, presents itself to him as his soul. Nevertheless, due to its hostile attitude towards the Real ‘I’, the Personality is more closely linked to the body than to the true ‘I’. This soul-Personality is therefore perishable.

 This explains the apparent contradiction in which we attribute immortality to the soul, yet speak as if it is in danger of perishing and the obligation on our part to care about its salvation. In fact, there is only one means of salvation for the soul-Personality: and that is its intimate junction— through the medium of the higher centres of consciousness—with the true, eternal and imperishable Soul which manifests itself in man under certain conditions.

By this fusion the soul-Personality, which has no light of its own, will shine with the light of the immortal Soul with which, from now on, it will become one. The strength of the real ‘I’ will then render the personal ‘I’—who has thus become identified with it, immortal. This is the meaning of the word Salvation.


 – Waking Consciousness is the daytime consciousness of the Personality. Putting pathological cases aside, its scope and its amplitude develop with the cultural development of the individual: it is the subjective consciousness of ‘I’.

 – Consciousness of the Real’I’ is the consciousness of the Individuality, otherwise described as objective consciousness of the individual ‘I’.

(Mouravieff,  Gnosis I, page 14)

And, believe it or not, the machine,-the foreign installation,-the predator’s mind- the implant,-the False I-the Trojan horse… can get highly spiritual in the chookyard, even “illuminated” or “enlightened”!?

This is what John Keel said about it:

“Millions of people in every generation have their minds reprogrammed by this supernatural system. It involves a beam of high-frequency energy transmitted on the exact frequency of the recipient’s brain waves. In many instances, the beam is visible and appears to be a beam of light coming from the sky, or from an object in the sky. This is a well-observed, carefully recorded phenomenon. In religion the process is called ”Illumination.”

 Today we tend to relate these beams of light, and their effects on humans, with the UFO phenomenon. Each year thousands of people are the foci of such beams and, very often, develop increased IQs and dramatic changes of personality after their experiences. Once a relatively rare occurrence, this reprogramming process has become commonplace in the past thirty years.”

Reprogramming?! What else we can expect in a controlled reality, which is enjoyed by a controlled personality-machine-foreign installation…?! What else can we expect in a lie (the matrix) which is experienced by another lie (our personality)?! Short and good, in the chookyard we may even become illuminated or enlightened chooks, however, an enlightened chook would still be a – chook, and… this would not have anything to do with the real waking up of the human being.

So, no wonder that the “Enlightenment container” is quite popular in the chookyard, as in the matrix-reality, we may have only a matrix-spirituality, which among other promises in its store, has  been offering “enlightenment,” as a sort of a reward or a goal for those chooks who consider themselves “spiritual”.

Going back to some of J. Keel’s observations:

 “Charles Fort said it all when he observed, ‘We are property.’ We cannot rebel. We cannot change the system. We can only try to understand it and deal with it on our own level as best we can. The puppets can not possibly rebel against the puppet master.”

If we consider the “puppet” as another name for our… personality-machine-False I-implant-foreign installation-predator’s mind-Trojan horse… then it would be quite logical that this part can nor rebel against the puppet master, even if “enlightened”!? So, the only way to disconnect ourselves from the puppet master and to become free, to liberate ourselves, would be to… disconnect ourselves from our… personality, after we expose it as a… False I-machine-foreign installation… so, which means, we have to wake up, and, as we already know…

…the real awakening means – exposing our own personality as a foreign installation – an implant-a False I-a real Trojan horse… and subjecting it to the control of the Real I, which in the meanwhile, should have been developed up to the task.


P.S. After reading the above definition, some intellectually or spiritually developed personalities, may feel as if they just swallowed a piece of rock, but do not worry, as this would not have anything to do with you.

Part IV

We call a person under control of somebody or something else a zombie, and as we have seen, there is a lot of indications that we have been under control of something for ages and it might well be something non-human, like an AI, as implied by various sources. So, we should not be distracted by the Epic of Gilgamesh (where the goddess Ishtar was threatening of releasing zombies from underground and “infecting” all of us…) or by hundreds of Hollywood movies on that theme, that a sort of zombification may happen to us somewhere in the future, as it may have already happened to us… long ago. So, our zombified state of mind would have become a norm, and we even would not have an idea how a normal human being would think and behave. What for us would be normal, for an awakened person, would be abnormal or paranormal. So, the problem was noted by early gnostics, and it was recommended to those seekers who start waking up and seeing the real picture, not to discuss it with anybody, because, the people who begin waking up, would still be vulnerable, as long as they stay in the domain of the General Law (AI). Exercising, so called, “controlled madness” would be helpful. Of course, we do not have to make fools of ourselves, it would be enough just to behave as other people around us do, or how they would expect us to behave, when we are in contact with them.

Just after a seeker frees himself from the control of AI, then, he/she may talk, however, as mentioned before, when talking to others, you will be aware that you were talking, in fact, to other people’s… ‘foreign installations’, and so, the question was – how to get the message through… to other people’s ‘Real Is’?!? It seems impossible as the ‘foreign installation’ of each of us, acts as a guard, protecting illusion in which we live. An average ‘foreign installation’ will tend to ban, deny, censor, distort and destroy all information which may jeopardise its role and the position. On the other hand, as the ‘foreign installations’ would be a lie by their nature, they would be almost unable to see the pure truth, as such. A lie can not recognise the truth. (This is probably why Gurdjieff was saying that the truth could be told the people only in a form of a lie?!) So, the truth was packed in fairy tales, parables, stories, it was expressed in metaphors etc. and presented in a package of something else… and left for those who would need it.

If you manage to wake up yourself, you would realise that you can not wake up anybody else. Say, if a normal person would be zombified by something/somebody and then, we somehow manage to dezombify him, he would return to his normal state. But, how to dezombify somebody who was never before normal? E.g. Castaneda was saying that it was possible to expel the foreign installation/predator’s mind by a special discipline and the day this happens, would be the saddest day for the warrior, as there would not be anything there, any more, to tell him what to think and what to do. However, Castaneda’s warrior was prepared for that moment, his Real I would have been grown enough to take over the command of his being, at the right moment. On the other side, in the Eastern Gnosis, the expelling of the ‘foreign installation’ completely, was not discussed as an option; it was advised there, to “feed the beast and to tame it”, so after the one  takes the control over it, the one can use it consciously, as a tool, for his further interaction with this reality. So, the Real I will take over the control of the being and, by the way, it will save his personality-‘foreign installation’ and make it immortal (otherwise, it would die, 40 days after expiration of the physical body!?). So, a certain level of an awareness on the level of one’s being, coupled with the Real I, (the awareness will be the “product” of the consciousness of the Real I), would be needed for somebody to wake up. This is what each of us would have to do individually.

Destroying the AI [supercomputer] would probably not be a viable option, as in such a case, we may have a real “zombie apocalypse,” as people may get “unplugged” and stop functioning, as per the program, because, most of them would not have a proper ‘back up’ in terms of a developed ‘Real I’ or a sufficient level of an individual consciousness. They would break down at the collision with the objective reality, after spending most of their lives in an illusion and not being able to think independently.

As John Keel noted, more than 30 years ago, that the AI is playing the end game scenario at these times, and there is a lot of indication that it might be so; some of us may engage themselves in the direction to do some intervention on the AI [supercomputer] and the effects of such operations may have been experienced as some “glitches” by the “normal” people. However, delaying the end game point, would not solve the problem, it would just allow a bit more time for… waking up of those of us, who are supposed to wake up and who are able to wake up.

The AI may play whatever scenario it wants, as she moves us as pawns across the chessboard, as she likes, controlling us through our personalities. Of course, it will use anthropoids heavily for the manipulation of the souled part of the humanity, because, they do not have the Soul/the Real I and as such, they would be pretty efficient “robots-without-breaks” (no real feelings of humanness and conscience, which normally come from the Soul/the Real I). So, no wonder, we would have such individuals at most of the positions of power, in this reality. They would dominate among our leaders, politicians, priests, spiritual teachers, military officers, bankers… everywhere… where some control over others might be exercised (Gurdjieff called them “living deads” and he was saying at some of his lectures that – “if we knew how many ‘living deads’ rule our lives, we would run away with a terror”.) However, our personalities can not perceive this issue easily, so we can not get into the position to be terrified. At this stage, it would be better not to think of how many anthropoids would be among, so called, celebrities in this reality, which pose as our idols!? In fact, a truly awakened human being can not become popular in this reality by his name and by now, we should know why.

So, we have the “forces of good” and the “forces of evil”, in this reality, and many of us may feel themselves proud of being on the side of forces of good, because we are fighting for truth, justice and good for the humanity. Of course, our personalities, would have been controlled in the same manner as those personalities involved on the side of forces of evil (as Barbara Bartholic was saying).

A while ago, in one of my articles, I have tried to express this dualistic dynamics through which we have been manipulated, by the help of a joke:

“I remember a silly joke from the time when I was a kid. I heard and forgot many jokes in my life but somehow, I memorised this one for some reason, maybe because just of that, being silly, or because some part of my being recognised a deeper meaning in it?!

 It was in former Yugoslavia, where, at least at that time, Tito’s partisans were widely regarded as “forces of good” and the Nazis as “forces of evil”.

 It was a story about fighting between partisans and Nazis for a strategic position, which was a forest. Nazis attacked the partisans which were situated in the forest and after a fierce battle they managed to push partisans out of the forest. The partisans regrouped and made a counterattack, pushing the Nazis out of the forest… shortly after, the Nazis made another attack and partisans had to leave the forest, and so on… partisan into the forest, Nazis out of the forest, Nazis in the forest, partisans out, Nazis in… and this is where the narrator stops and makes himself like sadly contemplating the whole situation. And, it would not pass a long when somebody from the audience would eagerly ask: “Tell us what the hell happened at the end!? The narrator would sadly answer: “Eh, nothing, a ranger came and dispelled everybody”.

 So, the drama ended in an unexpected way and I remember then thinking, who the hell was the ranger?! He could be a good person because he attacked Nazis and pushed them out of the area, but if he was good, why he pushed out the partisans, as well, as everybody knows that the partisans were good guys!?

 A long time later, when I was contemplating what was in Eastern Gnosis termed as the “third force”, this joke came to my mind and I realised that it was – the ranger. He intervened to stop the killing of humans, suffering and the destruction of nature with other living creatures as a result of psychopathological activities, which were exhibited by both sides in the conflict. He restored peace and balance in that environment.

So, one can ask a question of a possibility to become a “ranger” and maybe, engage his being in this direction!?”


An awakened human being could be called a – ‘ranger’. He/she would be a real human being, as opposed to false human beings, living in a false reality, as we currently are, as long as, we have been identified with our False I/the Personality. The ranger would have the consciousness of the Real I, the real consciousness and not the consciousness which we, identified with our personalities, regard as our “waking consciousness”, which is “a state of a sleep, that is worse than the sleep we have in bed, during the night” (as Gurdjieff used to say.) The ranger would not mind, at all, if other people would like him, or not, because, all those emotions towards him, experienced and expressed by the others, would be as false as the others are. He would not care what somebody would think about him, as somebody’s thoughts would be as false as somebody is. He would be understood only by those who are like him. So, the ‘rangers’ will act as a team, wherever they happen to be individually and although they would not be in contact with each other.

Of course, this state of mind, the real consciousness, would not have anything to do with what has been promoted in this reality as an “enlightenment”, which is a state of mind advertised for the… personalities. An enlightened chook would still be a chook, an enlightened zombie will still be a… zombie. As we could see from J. Keel’s observations, this experience has been frequently induced or provided to many personalities, by so called, the “control system”. It has been set up as another false goal for False Is, as something to chase, while they are living their false lives, in the false reality. So, from the gnostic point of view, what we call the “enlightenment”, would be regarded just as a severe form of the divorcement from the reality. In the false matrix-reality, we can only have a false matrix-spirituality. (This may need to be understood on the level of one’s being).

Individualisation of the human being, would be a process of establishing a connection with his Real I, and this can not be done by following anybody or, anything, which is served to us from… outside. One has to follow oneself. There is no an external authority. As long as one would have an external authority, whatever its name, and would it be from ‘above’ or from ‘below’, he would not be able to individualise himself, he would not be able to connect himself with his Real I, he would not be able to… wake up. (Here, one may see the article below, on this blog: The Containers, which might be helpful to grasp the concept.)


P.S. If you have not forgotten what the real awakening means, that would be a good sign!?

Part V

When working on ourselves towards our individualisation and the final liberation of our human being, exposing our foreign installation, as such, could be done by a process of a self observation. (Some of the previous posts on the blog, may be helpful in understanding that.) The process is not easy, as we are dealing here with something which is “all what we know about ourselves” (as Moravieff said above).

It is not about “we vs them”, it is not about the concept: “good guys against the bad guys”, as promoted by, so called, alternative media or some “spiritual” sources (the “alternative sources” would be, of course, just another part of the “matrix-show-program”). It is about “We vs Us” and when we win, when the Real part of our being conquers the Unreal part of our being, then we will see what we are going to do with “them”, if anything at all. (The current concept of “good guys” fighting the “forces of evil”, in the objective reality translates into – shooting in the dark with blind ammunition and reading the effects by the help of our personality’s wishful thinking. So, we may have a strange case here, where the unreal is fighting the unreal!?)

Once we become – real, the question would be: – How something false would be able to harm us? How something unreal may harm or manipulate the real? No way! The unreal and real would not share the same reality.

Therefore, in one of previously mentioned posts, I said:

“When we are in our being, we are in an another dimension or, in another reality, where all those virtual “archontic” or “evil” forces, do not have an access! We are in their virtual reality only when we are identified with “our” virtual personality!”

(You may check it out, if you are interested, and please, report the results, here!?)

At the first stage, with a sufficient awareness, we would watch ourselves and there, we may employ a sort of a “meditation” (which is not a classical meditation) as described by E. Tolle, here:


You would not need a lot of time to see that the process of switching off your thoughts (and so, our personality’s input) is not easy, as it may seem, because the “thoughts requiring our immediate attention” will be coming, one after another, however, it is OK, because we can move into an observer mode and watch them, as they are, NOT identifying ourselves with them. They will be presented to us as they were ours, but they are not. After a while, you will be able to see how your “machine” works… mechanically, and nothing else, but… mechanically. If you would think that the emotions which may accompany or emerge as a result of those thoughts, were yours, you would be wrong. All those “classical” emotions we experience in our daily life are not ours. What we call here the love, hate, fear, anxiety, worries, happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, cosmic altruism, good mood, bad mood… all that belongs to the… personality.

While the emotions belong to the ‘foreign installation’ some of our feelings may come from the Real I (or the upper centres of the Soul) and we should be able to recognise them. So, we have to get to know ourselves and to become aware enough to see our – ‘machine’ at work and to recognise the real influences, coming from the Real I. (Once you see it by yourself, you will understand what Gurdjieff was talking about, at the above quoted conversation.)

Emotions and various reactions coming from the machine are automatic and often followed by a drive to do something, as they are mechanical by their nature.

Influences coming from the Real I will be coming in the now, in the present moment and it will be related for the present moment. (Something like, as per the saying – “Wisdom knows what to do, when the moment comes”). You will be gradually coming out of the linear time (as perceived by the personality), and whatever you would be doing in the present moment, it will be optimally reflected in what our personalities call the future.

The process of waking up may be followed, by a sort of “hyperdimensional attacks”, because, you may be reported to the “boss” (AI-“supercomputer”) by your own (supercomputer’s) “installation” or by the “installations” of the people you interact with. These attacks may be taken as a nice tool to determine where is your Real I in the relation with “your” personality, because, as long as you would feel the effects of the AI-General Law upon yourself, (trying to scare you off, or to return you back to the ‘chicken coop’), that would mean that you are still identified with “your” personality.

Waking up is not the end of anything, it is something far from ‘nirvana’ as advertised by the matrix-spirituality; it is just a start of a conscious living and we will be facing another challenges i.e. lessons, appropriate to our state of mind, appropriate to the level of the awareness we have reached, as it is all about the esoteric development of our being, about the development of our individual consciousness, which is a true, humane consciousness.

During the process of waking up, our personality may do various stunts, just to keep itself in the control, however, its show program, whatever it comes with, must be recognised on the level of our being and dealt with… until it becomes clear, that its time is… over.

The true, the Real Consciousness, can be manifested in this reality only through those of us who have the Real I in themselves. The non-human consciousness, or better to say, the entropic non-human intelligence (with a “mask of sanity”), has been manifested in this reality through its “proxy-servers” i.e. personalities, occupying human bodies and supressing the manifestation of the Real I; and so, the manifestation of the Real Consciousness. If a sufficient number of people would wake up on time and manifest the Real Consciousness through their actions, through their doing… they will be able to change the reality on behalf of the human being. The awakened ‘eagles’ would be able to change this reality… the current chookyard, into an environment where ‘eagles’ would be able to live as eagles and thrive as eagles. The chicken-reality will be changed into an eagle-reality.

Another type of ‘warfare’ may start which could sound strange, as we would not be required to “shoot” at the “entropic forces”. There will be no need for that, even for the defence purposes, because, the Real Consciousness is humane and aware. The Real human being will respect all life, even the artificial one, however it will not allow to be manipulated by anything and anybody. This may be hard to understand, at this stage, however, it can be said that by shooting at us, the entities belonging to the entropic forces will be shooting at an empty space, as there would be no personality to receive the attack and whatever they send to us, it will be coming back to the sender, as a boomerang. Literally, the one who would shoot a bullet at you, by doing that, may commit a suicide as the bullet will return to him. The real can not be harmed by the unreal. A character from a cartoon movie you are watching on the screen, can not harm you. By waking up, you may come out of the movie reality or the virtual game and cease to be a character there with a role, assigned to you by somebody/something else. For us, the people identified with their personalities would be just like some movie characters, therefore, unreal and it would be up to us, how seriously we would be taking them. As one still would have a personality, by taking his personality out of the pocket and switching it on consciously, he may enter the game, interact with it and be perceived by other game characters; he may stay in the game and play it consciously as long as necessary and then exit the game at his own will, by switching off its personality. So, depending on the acquired level of consciousness, one may influence the reality in the chookyard, based on an understanding why he is doing, what he is doing. We will be responsible for all our actions.

If the number of awakened human beings would be sufficient, we may change this environment. If not, then those ‘eagles’ who wake up, may have to leave this chookyard (make a dimensional shift?!), and those eagles left inside and identified with the chickens, may have to enjoy the “end game scenario”, together with the chickens.

At the end, it is up to you…


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