The Prison Warders

This is what my personality has to say in regards to the general situation. (As it was not me, I will quote it.)

I just want to say that we, machines-robots-personalities, with our names and surnames, must be clear with the fact, that we are not the ones who are prisoners within this matrix-reality. We are just part of it and we can not exist without it, and the matrix-reality is dependent on us. It would not have a purpose without us. Yes, John Keel was right when he said that we were connected to the central switchboard, the ’supercomputer’ the AI, but what is wrong with that? We are just playing the roles assigned to us by our puppet master, I wanted to say… the computer… I mean… the AI. If somebody would shut down the computer, the same would happen to us. So, we can not be responsible for ourselves and our behaviour, although we might be under an impression that we have a free will and that we can make some decisions in our life. Isn’t it a good news for us? Of course, it is!

However, there are those who are making waves in our matrix-reality and disturbing news, saying that we were created for the purpose of working as some “prison warders”, because, there was something imprisoned in our physical bodies, which is very well hidden inside us, even from us. Imagine that?! Acting as prison warders for a prisoner in us, that we are even unaware of?! This prisoner is, allegedly, a very dangerous individual and he belongs to the true or the objective reality, which would imply that our reality is not objective?! Well, for me it is objective enough, as I get a headache, whenever I hit a wall by my head. What do you need more?!

So, the good news is that it was not us, who were the prisoners, but somebody else, who is in us i.e. in some of us. I have heard that those of us who have the feelings of humanness and conscience; and an intuition, as well, are in fact, the hosts of those dangerous individuals, as those feelings are coming from them and so, they are not our genuine feelings!? However, the problem is, those of us who are acting as the prison warders for the dangerous individuals and who have the accompanied feelings, are disadvantaged in regards to those of us, who are not hosting dangerous individuals, because, without those feelings, they can do whatever they like, as they would not have the breaks, and they are those who rule us in this matrix-reality. I mean, you can not become a proper politician, to get high up in the military or, to get a good management position in banking sector and anywhere else, where some power could be obtained and exercised, if you are an honest and a humane being. So, they can easily claim all our power pyramids and manipulate us from the top. This is not fair, at all. They can do whatever they like, while we can not fool or harm, even not to offend anybody, because of those feelings. So, we are somehow handicapped or disadvantaged. And, this is what makes me angry, as we all should be equal machines-robots.

I must admit, I am getting a bit suspicious, that something is not quite right, here!?

And, believe or not, the prisoner is called the Real I (or the real Soul), by one source, or the Sovereign Integral, by another source. If they are real, then, this would imply that we are unreal?! Unreal, or not, we can say that we are doing a good job here, as the prison warders, as these individuals are nowhere to be seen. It can be even said that if they were really influential in this reality, our history would not certainly look as a history of a slaughter house and we can all see that it looks like that. Even, now, human beings are slaughtering each other at some parts of what we regard as our planet.

Beside that, we can enjoy our lives, as robots or machines, at least, theoretically. Furthermore, most of us here, have been familiar with the possibility that we can even get enlightened in this reality. Though, I personally, have not met anybody like that, but we have been informed by various credible sources that it was certainly possible, if we follow certain procedures and, if we get spiritual enough. And, even if we do not manage to achieve something like that, in this life, we have been told by some credible sources, that  we have pretty big chances to finish in the paradise, after expiration of our physical bodies, if we get religious enough. What would you like more, than that?! Though, I do not know anybody for whom I can say that he has reached the paradise, but this is what most personalities believe, then it must be so. And beside that, we can reincarnate, as well, as many robots-machines have recalled their past lives, under certain conditions. Though, as the AI to which we are connected, can upload us with any memories and stories it wants, I am not 100% sure when our reincarnation is in question.  Anyway, we all know that we, as personalities, may live a happy life in this reality and without suffering. Though, I personally, do not know anybody like that, including myself, however, we may see in the books, on TV and from various other sources, that there were such people, which means, it is true.

But, something is still not quite right, here!?

I am hearing some disturbing news, as well. Some sources say that those of us,  machines-robots, who are working here very hard as the prison warders, are getting discarded pretty soon after expiration of our physical bodies and then, our prisoner gets transferred into another physical body and an another personality gets assigned the job to take care of him. If it is so, then it certainly would not be fair! If I, as a personality, did a good job in guarding the prisoner assigned to me, to the point that I even was not aware of him during my life here, why then, I should finish in a rubbish bin?! Why I would not be allowed to have another life, where I could do the some job? The disturbing sources have an answer to that, as well. They say, that our prisoners may somehow influence us, while we are guarding them, and there was always a danger that they may convince us to release them or to make us to think and act in a dangerous way, in terms, that we may do some damage to this matrix-reality, to the point of… turning it into a real one… where, the real or… the objective consciousness would… replace… the fake one. I do not know what to say about that?! But, only by thinking of the possibility that I may have been fooled in such a way, I really get very angry and disappointed with the software,  I mean, the supercomputer which runs this show-program and when I contemplate the issue… I get a feeling… an urge… to throw up, like Neo in the Matrix movie.

Now, I will tell you something, in a confidence, which means, please, do not tell it anybody else. I have heard that some personalities have released their prisoners and that those personalities have become immortal, just by joining them!? They, somehow, managed to turn their temporary and false existence into a real one! I do not know how that would be possible?! Do you know? Of course, you don’t! If we think a bit honestly, without lying to ourselves, when important things are in question, we do not… really… know… anything; we just have „our“ beliefs, when the important things are in question, and we tend to regard them as a knowledge; like… as… we would know… something and we…really… know… nothing. Isn’t it a bit… strange?! I am not much into conspiracy theories, however, if there were conspiracies, this would certainly be the biggest one, while they draw our attention everywhere else!

Anyway, when I look at the whole situation in this reality, I think, it is not good, at all, and what we are only missing, would be the WWIII, and I am pretty sure that the AI has it in store, I mean, in its program, for us. I have spent some time in one local war and that was quite enough for me. You know what… I am announcing a resignation from my prison warder’s position… and I am thinking to… release my prisoner and to unite with him. The only problem is… I do not know… how? Some sources say that we were genetically disabled to see him or to hear him. How, then, to do that?

There is a theory which says that if our prisoners would be released in sufficient numbers, then, they would be able to infuse enough of the real consciousness into our fake collective unconsciousness, which we all share, and then, all of us would be able to access it and wake up, finally?! In that way, this reality would be changed through us, from the fake one, into the real one, as we would do, as well, because we will be associated with something real, for the first time in our existence. How’s that sound? Impossible?! Yes, but impossible or not, this is our only option… and… we…have…to… we have to…

Opss, hold on, you are getting carried away. Are you going to call here for some sort of a robot’s rebellion?

 …we have to… think… about that… I mean, we have to… contemplate… the issue, because, our thoughts are not quite… ours… and… independent… as we think they are. I would say the best plan would be… the best plan would be… that…

Opss, hold on. There would be no plans, as whatever you would plan, it would be instantly read by your boss, the AI, to which you are connected. And, by the way, there is no future as you mean, but just – this moment.

 …the best plan would be that… we… do not have any plans. I am under… an… impression… that… we have to move in the present moment, as often as we can, and switch off „our“ thinking, as much as we can… and see how we will go… while being present in our being… who is not only us and our physical body… but… includes… the prisoner, as well. And this could be the biggest secret?! The prisoner is the real part of our being and we should let him to navigate us through this insane… I mean… through… this… reality-with-the-mask-of-sanity. So, we should… you would need…

Opss, hold on, are you trying to tell others what THEY should be doing?

 …in fact, I am under an impression, that each of us is responsible for himself or for herself and this is what… I will be doing…

„Will be doing“?!

 …in fact, on another thought… I mean… an impression… I am doing it NOW. And, by the way, I have just hired a bulldozer to help me to unload from myself a pile of rubbish, consisting of various beliefs, paradigms, dogmas, ideologies, teachings, guidelines and other B.S… I was uploaded with, in this reality… or whatever it is.

Of course, you do not have to take my personality seriously.


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