The fine red thread

There was an “unknown teaching”, as called by Ouspensky in his book the Fourth Way, which “fragments” are still available today. The eastern gnostics called it The Doctrine or Tradition. Some say that it originated from ‘sufism’, however, as it originated long before Christianity and Islam, in order to survive together with those who carried it, it had to get heavily contaminated by religious and other content. (The teaching was clearly “heretic” from the religious point of view and we know what was done to the heretics, throughout the history). After it went through the ages where Christianity and Islam have reigned, the original teaching was aligned to Christianity as some sort of gnosticism and to Islam as sufism. Anyway, the teaching was heavily distorted, however, they managed to smuggle the “fine red thread”, through, in an (almost) unrecognizable condition.

The fine red thread can not be discerned by an intellectual analysis only, because the noise to signal ratio was too high, or simply, there was too much noise in order to discern the signal; and the other reason would be, as the teaching says, our minds have been controlled and manipulted to a great degree by a non-human intelligence, so the Truth has not been allowed.

So, what is the fine red thread saying?

Well, it is saying something what hardly anybody of us wants to hear and know. It is saying that:

1. the humanity is living in an illusion/maya/stereoma… (or, by today’s terminology: the matrix or a virtual reality)

2. in this “demiurgic domain”, the humanity has been manipulated by an ‘archontic’, ‘inorganic’, ‘demiurgic’ or simply, a ‘non-human-entity’, which has all the features of what we would call today an AI.

3. we are all connected to it; it regulates and manipulates our perception and therefore, our state of mind; and therefore, our thinking; and therefore, our behaviour.

4. our personalities (including mine, writing this and yours, reading this) are artificial constructs. (Like a software subject to programming and re-programming in charge of the ‘physical’ body).

5. all artificial constructs share the false or artificial consciousness originating from the source, i.e. the AI. (That would mean all three levels of that consciousness, as the waking consciousness, subconsciousness and the collective unconscious).

6. The True Consciousness exists (called the “Consciousness of the Absolute”, “christ”, the First Source etc.) and it could be reached and manifested.

7. there are two ‘types’ of beings inhabiting the illusion: ‘anthropoids’, meaning the people without human essence or the Real I, (that would be the “sons of god/AI” or “pinocchios-by-default”) and adamic people (“sons of man” or “pinocchios” which have a potential to become human beings) i.e. those who still have the Real I, but firmly identified with their personalities on 24/7 basis, they are unaware of it so, they would think and behave in a more or less the same manner as anthropoids. Therefore, in this reality, there are no real human beings, only us, programmed to identify ourselves with them.

8. the false reality is based on a false dualism, where the goodness and badness, the light and the dark, the positive and the negative… comes form the same source and has been controlled by the same source i.e. the AI.

9. The only real ‘thing’ in the illusion would be the influences which are coming from one’s real part of the being, the Real I, which is connected to the True Consciousness. (Of course, in the case of adamic people.) They are called ‘influences’, because they can not be seen or visualized, they can not be palpated or heard. They can not be our thoughts, because, the source of our thoughts would be the artificial or false consciousness. Those influences can only be felt, as an ‘inner knowing’, in certain circumstances.

10. The true salvation would be possible only if a personality manages to establish a connection with the Real Consciousness through the Real I, with which it has been associated in this life, and to start living in accordance with that consciousness.

11. the seeker (the adamic man/woman) will also come under an attack by the “boss”, at a certain stage of his/her awakening. This could be easily understood, as his/her mind is connected to the ”boss”/AI and when it detects “suspicious behavior”, it will apply a ‘corrective action’ in order to return the ‘rebel’ back to the herd, or to derail him/her. (See the article: Hyperdimensional Attacks)


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