Gangstalking defence

It is easy to stop all external attacks on our personalities inc. so called, “gangstalking”, if one has a basic awareness of the objective reality. So, the one only needs to became aware that his/her personality is non-objective or non-existent in the objective reality. Or, our personalities are as much objective, as objective would be the non-objective reality/illusion/maya/stereoma/the matrix/the virtual reality, we are currently inhabiting.

Therefore, in such an environment, those non-objective entities (“bad guys”) which keep attacking and manipulating us (the “good guys”) living in an illusion, could be dealt with pretty easily. As a personality (inc. those which have gained a PhD in the illusion) is a non-objective entity, it can not affect the objective reality, whatever it thinks or does. So, when under an attack in the illusion/matrix, all one needs to do is to switch off his/her personality, from time to time or, whenever necessary. Just stop the thoughts or stop taking your thoughts seriously if you can not stop them. A non-objective entity can not have objectively true thoughts, anyway. Once we move our attention to the moment we are in (the future and the past do not exist, anyway, whil ethe resent moment is all that is), while being aware of ourselves and our environment, but not thinking, we are entering the objective reality. An “inner knowing” related to the moment we are in, may appear and that would be all what we need. And, later, an understanding may arise that whoever is objective, would not perceive those non-objective entities as a threat. He/she may not perceive them at all, anymore. And, anyway, how an illusionary entity could attack somebody who is true or objective? No way.


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