Probably, one of the main modes of, so called, archontic/AI control of the humanity is by, what could be called, the “containerization”. Throughout our history, the AI-control system has established numerous containers and the human beings have populated them. There are many recently established containers, as well, and some are popping up even now, as we talk about them.

Each container has been fitted with a set of beliefs or a dogma, by an ideology, a paradigm, a cosmology or a spiritual or whatever teaching, which promises some rewards to the container members, if they follow the content or conform to it appropriately.  In many cases, the content of a container we may call a – mental program, although, we may have “scientific” containers, as well.

Most of us have been born in a particular container, without our choice, usually depending on, at which location and at what time on this planet we were born, or which container content dominated in that particular area. So, our parents would likely have already been programmed in accordance with the container content in which we, and they, were born, and soon, they would subject us to all the rituals which apply in that container, without our consent. (It can go even so far that the may perform some surgical interventions on our private parts!?)


My grand, grand, grand, grand…. father who lived in Russia, somewhere at the end of 9th century, had some beliefs and whatever they were, they were his and he lived by them, however, the reprogramming time had come, when he had to accept a new program, without being asked if he liked it, or not. Accepting Christianity was mandatory, and whoever refused, was tortured and/or murdered. Having seen what happened to others who were not happy to accept the new  program, he probably accepted it just to save his life and maybe, he never took it seriously. However, next generations accepted it without a question as they did not have any other option and some family members even promoted it further, as priests. When the time came for forming a new container, called Communism, my grand father lived comfortably in the Orthodox Christian container (as, in the meanwhile, Christian container was split into two, the Catholic and Orthodox). So, he was not happy, at all. Accepting new container was mandatory, too. He refused reprogramming and he moved away, to Serbia where at that time, the Communism container was not present. However, he made a mistake moving into an area where the Islamic container was located, and he was killed by its members during the WW2, just a few years after my father was born. (Members of one container often perceive members of another container as enemies and as we can see below, the difference between these two religious containers is obvious.)

After the war, his mother moved with him to Bosnia and they found itself in a Socialism container, which was established there immediately after the war, and it was supposed to be just temporary (before establishing of the Communism container). My grandmother was not much delighted with the new program, so she still stayed in the Orthodox Christian container, which now got a sort of a secondary character. However, my father moved into the new one a bit later, as well as my mother. So, I was born in the Socialism/Communism container, where religious programs were running in the background (in the Islamic, catholic and orthodox containers, which were degraded there, at that time, into subcontainers). Those members of the religious containers were somehow regarded as maladjusted.

As a kid, I was not able to perceive any difference between my mates, because there was not any (in the objective reality). We spent most of the time playing on the street and around the buildings where we lived. I noted that my mother did not serve pork dishes when some of my mates were visiting us and it was not clear to me why they were not allowed to eat it, when it was so tasty. Later, I found out from my parents that there were some differences, though, and I was too young to be able to perceive them. After a while, I heard that there were 3 ‘different’ groups of people and that often by the names you could recognise who is what, but not by an appearance. Then, I heard about religions, and at that time I was clear with it, that something was very wrong with them. (The same people, different programming.)

When I grew up, I accepted the socialist/communist ideology as the best invention in the world as it advocated equality among the people, although I could see that some people were “more equal” than the others (I thought that we would overcome that, soon). Anyway, as that container had a good propaganda, as all the others do, and promising a great life and the future, I became its member easily. The spirituality was also present in the container, and it was easy to learn as it was explained in just one sentence: “In a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit”. We had the sacred scriptures, as well, written by some saints such as Marx, Engels, Tito, Lenin etc. They were looking at us from the walls of our class rooms, too, the same iconography as in any religion.

As we know from the history, establishing and expanding religious containers on this planet, has costed many human lives, and still does. Establishing and expanding ideological containers, has costed many lives, too. We will never know how many lives costed the establishing of the Socialism/Communism container. However, the one formed in the area of former Yugoslavia, fell apart after ~50 years of its existence!? After that happened, the religious containers suddenly got refreshed, so to accommodate large masses of people who were now flocking into their direction. Those who remained in the Communism container, were regarded as maladjusted. Another subcontainer popped up, called “Democracy,” and now, a properly programmed person had to be religious and democratically oriented, if he wanted to exist and prosper in the changed environment.

However, all these changes could not pass without a war between the members of three different containers. (The 3rd container in the area, the Catholic one, was obviously different from other two, as we can see below.)

So, all of them were declaring the same: “Who is not with us, he is against us!” I woke up when mortar shells were started exploding around me. I had a dog, a pretty intelligent  Great Dane, who was looking at me, then, as if asking me what was happening?! And, I still remember as I felt ashamed in front of the dog, because I was not able to explain. (Even now, I still feel, I owe an explanation to that dog, although he died long ago.)

And, now, it was time for me to move out, or to get reprogrammed and engaged in psychopathological activities. Most of my mates, who till yesterday were partying together, playing football together, enjoying life together, stayed there, now divided on three differents sides and looking at each other over the rifle sights. It was not by their choice, they were just sucked in, as per the program.

It is easy to reprogram oneself in this reality; one mental program just gets replaced by an another program, on a fertile ground, however, deprogramming is something which is very hard and painful.


The religious programs are insidious as we are subjected to them through various rituals at an early age, the period of early impressions, during which whatever we perceive, embeds deeply in our subconsciousness and later, has a great influence on our thinking and behaviour.

The main aspect of the mind manipulation is to transfer the power of a human being into somebody/something else’s hands (often to an “authority” who or which may, or may not be a human being; and which can be fictional, as well.). In this way, human beings are effectively disarmed on their individual level.

After a while, although numerous and big enough, the religious containers were found by many people to be somehow limited, uncomfortable or whatever, so for such cases, the control system has established other containers, with more appealing content. One of the examples would be, so called, New-age container, which is obviously different from other containers, as we can se below.)

Here we got various “ascended masters” with exotic names, distributing new paradigms, explaining much “better” how the things are and offering packages like the ascension and enlightment, in an atmosphere of love, light and positive thinking. What would you like more?! So, no wonder that this container has quickly become popular and populated.

The content of the contemporary containers is more tuned with the wishful thinking of the (truth)seekers, as the container founders know what most of people are wishing. So, there will be always something there for everybody. In essence, the container paradigm or a teaching will contain some irrelevant truths which will be recognised by many, but there will be served relevant lies there, as well, which will be carefully mixed with truth and great promises. People, recognising truth inside a package, tend to swallow the entire package. A drop of  poison in a beautiful dish, is enough to kill or disable somebody.

Those members who are able to rationalize well the content of the container, would be regarded as “advanced”.


There was a lecture on hypnosis, where the lecturer hypnotised a guy from the audience and gave him a so called post-hypnotic suggestion, where he was supposed to forget everything and go back to the audience, however, whenever the lecturer would touch his ear, the guy should stand up and shout  out, as a rooster: “Kukurikuuuuuu”!!!

So, after the guy returned to the audience, the lecturer continued with his lecture and after a while, the lecturer touched his ear, and the guy stood up and shouted: “Kukurikuuuuuu”!!! After this has repeated several times, they asked the guy from the audience why he was doing that. He replied how he noted that the atmosphere in the audience was somehow bad, so he wanted to cheer people up by that gesture.

ANYTHING in this reality can be rationalised, while the rationalising personality will never admit that her thinking and actions could be just a result of a conditioning.  (Therefore the saying: “What on this planet passes as rational, sends the shivers down the spine of the rest of the universe”.)

In the same way, a container member would rationalise very well the content of the container that he/she is inhabiting. In many cases, they will be able to see the errors and inconsistencies in the content of other containers, but not in the one they are inhabiting. One of the representatives of the Eastern gnosis, Gurdjieff, was saying that – “what we call the ‘waking consciousness’ is a state of a sleep, which is worse from the sleep in bed, during the night”.

We live in a sort of a hypnotised or tranquilised condition. And, what we call the truthseekers, are mostly the people who are after some good news, but not the truth. So they are prone to take any bait offering them “good news” in accordance with their wishful thinking. And, there are forces which are happy to provide them in unlimited quantities.


The source of the content related to the most of the containers will be essentially “archontic” (derivatives of an AI?!), however, it will be claimed that it was coming directly from the “first hand” (”god”) or somewhere close to it (highly advanced beings from the upper levels, dimensions or densities). The container members would be under impression that it was delivered in a mysterious way from somewhere above, and whatever is coming from the “above”, will usually be regarded as supreme, credible, “sacred”,  true, for our own good, etc.

The control system is usually founding containers by choosing appropriate individuals in our reality, which they would condition properly to carry out the required task. These people will be used as the vehicles or proxy-servers. They may act as mediums, where the container content will be uploaded into them or channeled to them. After they receive the material, they will ‘advertise’ it and use it as the foundation for a container. The control system may facilitate the procedure by exhibiting various hyperdimensional effects, which may be perceived among us as various miracles, a light show, divine interventions, positive synchronicities etc… which are supposed to validate and promote the container content and its “3-D founders” (while the real founders will stay behind the curtain). The container management will be established soon, where the leader would be usually the one who received the material and established the container; if the container is old, than the leaders will be those mostly advanced in the container management hierarchy; a financing system will be established, as well, so that container leaders and managers will be able to dedicate all their time for work for the good of the humanity, fight for the justice, battle against evil forces etc. Of course, the container content will be always advertised, some members will act as missionaries, as well, because, as the container gets bigger and as it accommodates more people, its owners will harvest more commodities. Beside that, the status quo will be maintained, as the container members would be, more or less, divorced from the reality and so disabled to make any changes.

Members of one container somehow fail to see human beings belonging to another containers, as human beings, at all times. Though, in peaceful times, we have been taught to respect other people’s mental programs or the content of their containers, as we respect ours; however, when the control system decides to reduce the human population, or make a large number of people suffering (it seems that a sort of specific energy has been released when people suffer and that there were some entities who feed on it?!) it engages the members of various containers against each other. In this way, they do not get dirty hands, because we are the ones who do the killings. So, from time to time, an average container member will have to be engaged in fighting others and this psychopathological activity will be regularly well rationalised, as we could see that ANYTHING can be rationalised by our conditioned minds. This is one of the reasons why the history of this planet looks like the history of a slaughter house. Human beings programmed this way are killing human beings programmed that way. During the peaceful times in our reality, a mask of sanity is properly maintained, so one may get an impression that everything is normal, more or less. Would a really conscious and aware species of beings in this universe ever behave like that naturally?!


From time to time, the control system will do so called “program reinforcement “ in a particular container. That would be experienced by the container members as a sort of validation of the container content. One of the most insidious ways to do it, is by “miraculous healings” of some container members. Depending on the container design and content, it may perceived that it was done by some religious figures, ascended masters or some other divine sources, including even aliens. The healed member will reveal to others what happened, and everybody will cheer up. Though, many others will be frustrated, as well, wondering why something like that did not happened to them. Is it because they did not turn up at their church service, last Sunday? Why did not they deserve a similar treatment?!

Furthermore, some of container’s ‘saints’ may appear here and there and then disappear. Various other “divine” interventions are possible, as well, e.g. one of my colleagues, a member of the Catholic container, related to me his personal story where he once attended a mass in his church, and after the mass, all participants who had silver beads in their hands, have noted that they have suddenly turned into the golden ones. This event turned him, from a Catholic into a turbo-Catholic. After he told me that, I said to him that, if he wanted to know what really happened and how, he may find a regressive therapist, which would be able to regress him back into the past, to that moment, and he would be able to review the event. Of course,  he was disappointed because his story failed to impress me, and even offended, as I questioned his interpretation of the divine intervention.

I know a guy, as well, who got a big money on a lottery, soon after joining Rosicrucian’s container. He interpreted it as a result of the “successful plugging into the power of the universe”, which was exactly how they advertised themselves. One of people I know, a middle level mason, told me how he was very impressed, when a vase with flowers mysteriously turned up in his apartment, with an engraving: “illuminati”. (Well done!)

[Books written by Salvador Freixedo:  Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees ; John Keel: Operation Trojan Horse, Our Haunted Planet ; by Dr Karla Turner: Masquerade of Angels  may be helpful  at understanding of the various aspects of the hyperdimensional manipulation of the humanity.]

So, as I said in one of my previous posts, it does not matter what is the name of a container…“Christianity”, “Islam”, “Jehovah’s witnesses”, “Scientology”, “Rosicrucians”, “Masons”, “Castaneda”, “Flat Earth Society”, “Osho”, “Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind,” “Department for the Spirit, Mind and Soul development”, “Sugar baba”, “Lightworkers”, “Warriors against archontic forces”, etc…etc…; a container is a – container and it is designed to contain the consciousness, to limit it, to imprison it and to prevent its development. Many of the spiritual teaching are designed so to make people busy with “sipping from empty, into a hollow”, while they would be under impression of doing something good for themselves and for the humanity, in general.

In this reality we have thousands of containers and subcontainers. One may stay in some of them, or one may leave them (which is very rare). They are almost indestructible as their structure is held together by a strong belief system and as we know, beliefs are heavily dependent on suspension of the critical judgement. On the other hand, if you would start hammering a particular container, the container members will attack you first, like the bees (because of their hive mind); if you would be successful in dealing with them, then you will have to deal with its managers; if you overcome them and proceed further, threatening the container’s integrity, then you will have to deal with the owner of the container, which usually resides at another plane of existence. And, even if you manage to neutralise him and destroy the container, its members will move into another one. You can not free anybody, because, container membership goes along with a particular state of mind, which can hardly grasp the possibility of an independent and free existence. This idea is not present in the agenda or in a paradigm of any container, so hardly anybody could adopt it.  You have to believe, and you have to follow… whatever. You have to suspend your critical judgement and regard “your” beliefs, which you gained in a controlled environment, as a knowledge, and present them to others, as such.

For example, during a short period of time, I was subjected to several visits of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were bringing to me “good news”, something like, when the shit hits the fan, I will be saved by their boss, Jehovah, if I join their container. (As we know, their container is quite different from the other ones, as we can see below.)

When we discussed the issue, whatever was mentioned, they were  opening the Bible at one of three marked pages, showing me how Jehovah said exactly that, here and there (what he said there, was so flexible, that it could have been applied on almost anything). At the last session, I have asked them if they read any other literature except the Bible, and they said yes, of course, they did. I asked them if they knew anything about  psychopathy and psychopaths. The said, of course, the psychopaths were crazy, lying and dangerous people and they were mostly kept in mental asylums and in prisons. Then I told them that I had a checklist for psychopathy, and I suggested, to subject just some of their boss’s statements from the Old Testament to the checklist, and if he gets clear, I am in, however, if he gains a high score, I am staying out and they should have a think if they were at the right place. I have  not even managed to finish what I wanted to say, I could see them jamming at the doors, trying to get out, all three at the same time. Critical judgement is not welcomed in any container.

(This is a nice parable describing the absurdity of people’s beliefs: Kissing Hank’s butt


The hope is highly priced in most of the containers, as it is something related to the future, which does not exist. In religious and spiritual containers, if you would look for those container members who have achieved what the container agenda promises, there would be no any in the present (which is only what exists), however, you will hear that some members achieved it in the past, while others will certainly do it, in the future.

So, it is not recommended trying to free others from their containers. In the Eastern gnosis, it was said that each personality has, so called, “buffers” installed in herself, which are designed to protect “her” belief system i.e. illusion in which she lives, or to protect her reality from damaging outside influences. If you would manage to destroy it, the personality would not have anything to lean on, any more. She may loose the foundation upon which she was built up and that may be dangerous for her existence. In such instances, she may start to follow you, and that would be even worse.

For those of us, who somehow manage to gain higher awareness in this controlled reality, and are showing some signs of an individualisation, the control system will devise various “specialised containers” and try to lure them in. It may even go so far, that they may form a container-for-getting-out-of-the-container (however, it can be easily recognised, as long as, there is a leader or a teacher in charge there, and more people beside yourself.)

Each human being is unique, and this uniqueness must be respected. The gnostic Way of the esoteric development is unique for the human being walking along it. Each of us has his own lessons to learn. There is no a recipe or a prescription which could be applied on a group of people, whatever its size. This is a rule, and no surprise, most of the esoteric teachings do not follow this rule, as they are designed to be applied on as many people as possible. They do not respect the individuality and the uniqueness of each of us.

The initial impulse for the individualization (liberation) of the being will come from inside, from the higher centres of the being. Like, if the Soul component would say: “That’s enough, it’s time for waking up”.


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