When we are in our being, we are in an another dimension or, in another reality, where all those virtual “archontic” or “evil” forces, do not have an access! We are in their virtual reality only when we are identified with “our” virtual personality!

That would be another truth which may set somebody free, if contemplated and realized on the level of somebody’s being. In fact, this truth is too simple and our intellect alone is not able to grasp it. Our intellect (or the lower intellectual centre, as called in the Eastern Gnosis) is used to interpreting and solving big paradigms and challenges, we are facing in the chook yard, as eagles who think they were the chooks, and it is under control of our personality; (as R. Steiner used to say, – “our intellect/mind is not rooted in the reality”).

Say, in our daily life we face a “problem” or a “challenge”; whatever its source, it would not matter; the stream of “negative” thoughts starts pouring through our heads, followed mechanically by “negative” emotions, which lead us to the classic states of an anxiety, where we may start to worry, which may further proceed into a state of fear… and so on…; and instead of associating our being with the developing drama, we can ALWAYS say to our personality: “Thank you for your contribution, if it was the best you could offer to me”… and then move into the present moment, switch off “our” thoughts, where we will be aware of ourselves and of our environment, our breathing, aware of the sounds, smells… aware… of everything. (There is a link below, where E. Tolle describes it nicely.) So, in this state we may feel more aware and alive than just a few moments before, when we were firmly identified with our personality which was loading us with its dramas, paradigms, problems, worries etc. leading us to live in some state between the past and the future, which do not exist, just to stay as long as possible under its control.

Here, it needs to be emphasised, that this state of presence in ourselves with our thinking mind/personality switched off, does not mean “escaping from the reality”, because, whatever our personality is able to manufacture and offer to us, can not be real. What it is able to offer to us, would be just another illusion, which we should accept from it, as the reality and ‘enjoy’; and this is what we are doing all the time, except, when we sleep, i.e. when the personality (‘it’) is switched off.  We can fit there all those ‘dramas’ in which our own personality and other personalities are trying to engages us, all the time.

Coming back to the above parable about the eagle in the chook yard, after the eagle starts waking up to his true nature and so, automatically, becomes a target of a “hyperdimensional attack”, the personality attached to him (yes, I am talking about this, “dear”, “beautiful” and “clever” personality which writes this post and your “dear”, “beautiful” and “clever” personality which reads it) perceives the attack (it would not be a surprise that in some instances it would be its own job?!) and it goes into defensive mode, where again we would feel all those effects which may culminate in fear… even a panic… where we may become terrified and start losing our energy and strengths… where it can lead us to the point of a break down… where may even think that we would not be able to survive… that it… no more… and then by some “miracle” we overcome it…. and, after that, we are supposed to go back to the chook yard, happy that we are still around and so, now, we can continue with our happy chook life… till we are served next drama. It may sound tragicomic, but all what we could have done to prevent the last drama, it was to say:

“Fuck off, am not interested to take part in that”!

But we could not, because, we were not sufficiently aware.

And, at the end, when we hear a “click” deep inside our being, when we finally realise the issue, (this realisation would not be followed by the same emotion as, when we say: “What a fool I was!” after making some mistake in our daily life, as the emotion normally comes from the personality, which would, at this moment, be in a ‘deflated‘ condition), our personality still may try give some signs of a resistance, saying something like: – „Hold on… did you see what happened to that chook over there, they killed her… did you see that one there… she died from cancer… what about this one, here, in the paper… she was raped… and what about those chooks who are suffering from hunger… and, that one, over there, she was abducted, implanted and abused by aliens… it could happen to us, as well…“

„Yes, it is true that all these is happening to chooks, however, I am not a chook any more and it does not apply on me, now – I am an EAGLE. And, now, it is your turn to listen to me, or you are out! Oh, yes, and from now on, your name and surname, mean – nothing!”



P.S. That would be somewhere, where the real Way of an esoteric development of a human being would start, as described in the Eastern Gnosis.


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