Gangstalking – possible solutions

In an addition to the previous article, where one moves his/her personality, as a target, out of the “game” by switching it off, there would also be another possible solution when dealing with the gangstalking. While the mentioned approach would require an appropriate understanding of the gnostic principles and the background of the real awakening … Continue reading Gangstalking – possible solutions

Metaphysics of Deception

In the pictures: ********************************************************* ********************************************************* …and, in the words… 1. True consciousness/The consciousness of the Absolute/The First Source – Creative consciousness which contains components like humaness and conscience; – It is ever expanding from the source out… – In its domain, there are no hierarchies or pyramidal life systems; everything/everybody is regarded as equal. Here, … Continue reading Metaphysics of Deception

Important links

  Very important for a contemplation at these times:   Project Camelot Interview: James Mahu   The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda   (The “Sovereign Integral” would be what in the Eastern Gnosis was called: The Real I)   …