As in the movie Avatar!?

We may think the movie Avatar. Blue people, connected to the Real Consciousness lived on a beautiful planet. Another race, tuned into a False Consciousness but technologically advanced, took a control over them by the help of avatar bodies (our “ELite” from the root EL-ohim). During many years, the blue people were exposed to genetic and mind manipulation to such an extent, that they were tuned into the False Consciousness. So, the blue people were made into the image of their manipulators and turned into slaves. Some remnants of the True Consciousness still survived, which at some of us, might be only manifested as an “inner feeling” or as Castaneda said, the “inner knowing” (when you know something but you do not know how). As the former blue race, we are know divorced from the objective consciousness and the reality. The question remains, – is it possible for us to reverse this process, or to reach the Real Consciousness, again, and then, to manifest it?