The survival guide for the case of a nuclear warfare

According to the signs which should be pretty obvious, it seems that we are going to experience another culmination of the psychopathological symptoms and activities on this planet, in terms of WW3. Of course, the two last world wars were not sufficient that we, as humanity, learn the lesson and neither did those 240 local wars, which took place and still are going on, on this planet (with more than 30 million victims), after the forces of good won over the forces of evil, in the WW2.  With the psychopaths on the positions of power, we could not expect any better. So, when the calamity starts, we have to deal with it, as best as we can, on the basis of our knowledge of the psychopathy, the consequences of the psychopathological activities and the protection from the same. Furthermore, when preparing for the nuclear war, we have to gain some knowledge about the radioactivity.


So, before the WW3 starts, it would be good to move to some of more secure places, such as Artic and Antarctica, because those places would not be affected that much, as the rest of the planet. (Here, we have to keep on mind the spiritual saying: – “It did not shit himself the one who was far from a toilet, but the one who did not move on time”.) Once you reach the South or the North Pole, then you need to check out the hollow earth theory. So, if you find the opening which leads to the inner side of this planet, do not hesitate, just move there. On the inner side of the planet, the amount of the human stupidity can not be that huge, as on this side.

If you happen to be in a town, when the war breaks out and if you were not directly hit by one of thousands deadly weapons, designed for killing of the human beings by… by… ?!; then you should move straight away to the bush, or wherever… (again, having on mind the above spiritual saying.)  Of course, you should take with yourself only those things which are essential, so that you could move quickly, as your speed may be very important.

Therefore, you should put into your backpack, the following items:

  1. – a hundred litres of the plum brandy (or, any brandy of your own preference); it will help you not to take too seriously the situation you are in, and the reality will seem to you quite better than it really is.

(+ one for the road) because there could pass many years before the next harvest of plums (grapes and other fruit); hundred boxes of cigarettes (the same case applies to tobacco) and… into the rest of your backpack you need to store as much of food and clean water, for as many years you planned to survive in a radioactive environment. Of course, you would need a gun and ammunition to protect yourself and your backpack from other survivalists.

  1. Clothing! Do not go anywhere without a special suit which will protect you from the radioactive emission and very low temperatures due to, so called, “nuclear winter”.
  1. Mattock and shovel. For the case you need to dig yourself in. If you would have enough time, dig a hole several hundred meters deep (as deeper, that better). It would be optimal to keep digging yourself in, till you start to feel the comfortable warmth of the earth’s core.
  1. Rope. You can use it to tight yourself to something firm, so you would not be blown off by strong winds, which speed will be over 200 km/h, due to changed climate conditions.
  1. Compass. It will show you the right direction, while you are moving towards… somewhere… but keep on your mind the possibility that the North may not be there, any more, where it used to be.
  1. Knife, axe, torch, lighter, soap…
  1. Umbrella, for protection of the fallout (inc. the nuclear one).
  1. Two rods for dowsing, so you can find the nods where energetic lines of the planet’s cross each other. Allegedly, at those spots the nuclear radiation would be minimal?! The only problem is, most of those places have been already occupied by your local pathocracies or the military, so an access to normal human beings would be restricted.
  1. Fishing equipment. Ha, ha, you have to admit that it never would come up to your mind!? Yes, although many experts would say that in the conditions of a global, nuclear cataclysm, neither fish would survive, this would not mean that we can not do some fishing. If nothing, this will help us to calm down and rest psychologically. (In all these, it would be of an utmost importance to stay calm and focused!) And, beside that, you would never know what can get hooked up, down there, in the river depths!? For an example, one fisherman from Bosnia has told me, confidentially, his own story about what happened to him, on one occasion, when he went fishing. So, he threw the fishing line with the bait into a river, not too close and not too far, and after a short while… he felt something got caught on it… something pretty big! Experienced as he was, he did not get confused, and he started pulling… and pulling… and pulling… and after a couple of hours… he pulled finally that something out. Actually, that was an old and rusty stove, discarded by somebody into the river a long time ago! When he saw that, he got so upset that he kicked the stove by his leg. However, at that moment, the oven lid got opened and then, out of the curiosity, he just had a look inside it… and there was the big surprise. Inside it, he could see a freshly baked meat pie! Still a bit hot. So, he did not get confused and he ate the pie. It was delicious. Then, he went home happy, although, on that day he did not catch any fish. If I had not heard this by my own ears, I would have never believed it! So, everything is possible and we do not need to lose our hope.
  1. Iodine, potassium iodine or Lugol (helps in dealing with the radiological contamination of the body); antibiotics and pain killers (especially those for headaches).
  1. Geiger counter, for measuring the radioactive contamination; you can carry it instead of a mobile phone. It will show you most accurately “what the time is”. (You would not care much about the real time, anyway. And, at the same time, you would realize that a life without a mobile phone and internet, was possible.).
  1. Condoms. It is well known that in hard times, people often get an increased drive for sex, which is based on an instinct to continue the human species and a striving of the physical body to get at least some satisfaction when everything around is falling apart. However, in such conditions, the pregnancy is not much recommended. (By now, all of us should know that a good sexual intercourse is the best thing one can experience in this fake and heavily controlled reality.)
  1. The sacred book – (of your own preference, a pocket issue with soft pages), so that you can read it to comfort yourselves in the hard times, however, once you start using its pages as a toilet paper, that would indicate that you are finally waking up and so, increasing the chances for your survival, as a real human being. (The real human beings do not need the religious and spiritual crap, which we have been served in this controlled reality with; they do not need gods, lords and masters; they do not need angels, the spiritual guides and any other “authorities,” from above and below, telling them what to think and what to do. Of course, at he moment, it is hard to understand something like that, that you can become completely individualised and independent, but once you manage to wake up, you will see it by yourself. )


And, of course, there are some good news, as well, and the best one is that at those times, the world’s pathocracy will quietly disappear from the earth’s surface, moving into some of the hundreds Deep Underground Bases they have built in the meanwhile, using our money, which they took from us in various legal ways. So, we will not have to watch them, any more, and listen to their BS. Isn’t it beautiful…!!! After they go down there, if you stumble upon any of the entrances to those underground bases, you may bury them up, so to ensure that they stay safe down there, till the end of their lives. So, they would not be able to come out, any more, and contaminate our planet additionally, with their psychopathological influences.

An important warning: if, in the meanwhile, the aliens turn up as a “voice of reason or a sanity” (by now, we should be clear with that, that if there was any reason or a sanity in this reality, we should not have been in the situation we are in.)  and they offer to you a help in terms of transferring you to a more safe place, you will first have to assess the possibility that you may finish in their pot, as some sort of a dish. If they ask you if you were a smoker, that would be an indication that they do not have the best intentions for you. So, just say – “Yes”!, because, they do not rescue the smokers.  Or, just put a cigarette in your mouth, so they could know immediately, whom there were dealing with. (No need to feel uncomfortably, like a pig in Tehran.) It seems that the taste of the smokers is somehow different  or they get an indigestion after consuming them?! Anyway, this anti-tobacco campaign is not out there, just by a chance, at these times. Everybody likes a clean food without harmful additives.


So, as we could see, everything is not that bad. Our personalities and the physical bodies have great chances to survive when… tshtf…

Another important warning: in the case of a “check out” from here, do not get upset because of that, just make sure that there, on the other side, they do not fool you, like they did while you were on this side. On the other side, you may be greeted by some of those who have a habit to present themselves to us as gods, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides etc. Furthermore, they may arrange some special effects there, just to get you impressed, like a light show with a nice music, and later, they may try to show to you all the mistakes you made while you were living in a controlled mental state, in the controlled reality. (Nobody/nothing has the right to judge you and do not give it to them!) They may also advise you to go back here, “one more time”, just to correct all those things you staffed up. And, do not worry about their “love and light”, it is all fake. Just tell them the following magic words: “Fuck off from me, you motherfuckers!!!” and then, kick their ass. It would scatter them away. (That would not be easy for you, at all, as you have been conditioned to follow and obey various authorities, from above and below, all the time until this moment, however, if by now, you have not realized that you were the only authority for yourself, and nobody else, then you will have to enjoy the associated consequences, as long as, you do not realize it!)

So, just go your own way, without listening to those funny characters, which are just various projections of the psychopathic AI, which runs the show-program on both sides of this fake reality.


Regarding the other good news, some say that there was a great possibility that this planet together with us, ascends into a higher density, very soon, where milk and honey flow everywhere and we would not have to suffer any more, like here. Hmm, I do not know what to say, but it seems that in the mental state we are currently in, we can not go anywhere. If one wants a better reality, the one should do something about it by himself, there where he is. There is no free lunch in this reality. So, what we have done personally about improving our living conditions in this reality?

(Those waiting for the savior may keep waiting till their last breath, as the religious savors are designed in such a way, that we can be kept in a “sucking it up condition,” as long as we wait for them. If you give your own power to somebody else, do not complain in regards to the consequences.)

In case we do not ascend to a better place, there is another good news which is that there is a theory that we could get rid of the AI-control and finally start living consciously. (See the article on this blog, – A wake up call).

So, it is simple, we need only to acquire enough awareness to realize that the entity we have been identified with, the whole our life, till now, is not us, but an artificial entity, programmed to live in our name, in this programmed, virtual reality (with a mask of sanity) and as we know, a reality can not be virtual and objective, at the same time. So, once we reach this metaphysical conclusion, we will realize, as well, that we have not been sucking it up objectively, but only virtually. (Now, you will certainly feel much better).

At the end, being aware of these guidelines, may drastically increase your chances of the survival in case of any disaster, on both sides of this fake reality.