Definition of awakening

Our personalities like definitions, and so, here, we will provide the real definition of the awakening of the human being. Of course, your personality would not like that definition. By now, your personality has its own views about what waking up means in this reality, on the basis of the information which it has collected from other… personalities, however, in a controlled reality, such as this one, we can not expect a lot of true information.

Say, this matrix reality is a false reality, however, in order to experience the false reality and in order to be heavily manipulated in this reality, we come here implanted with a “foreign installation” (as Carlos Castaneda would call it), or an interface with which we identify ourselves and through which we experience this false reality. So, one may say that the false or artificial reality has been experienced through a false or artificial implant, which is our… personality. So, the false has been experienced by the false. In the Eastern Gnosis, the personality was called the False I and beside the False I, we or better to say, many of us, are supposed to have a Real I, or higher centers of the Soul. However, most of us live whole our lives identified with our False I, and die without being much aware of our Real I.

As an artificial structure, the personality can not wake up (but, she can get a master degree or even PhD in pretending of doing it!)  and, as it is a part of the matrix structure, she can not get out of it. In fact, the personality has been designed to keep us in the matrix. This is her program, her duty, her job and her work instruction.

Therefore, the real awakening means, exposing our own personality as a foreign installation-implant-False I-Trojan horse… and subjecting it to the control of the Real I, which in the meanwhile, should have been developed up to the task.

This is not easy to do, because, everything you know about yourself, is your… personality. And, of course, all those beliefs, many of which were soo dear to your personality, you will have to discard into a rubbish bin. This procedure might be a bit painful and followed by a headache, however, the personality is the one which feels the pain and suffers from headaches, so do not worry; in fact, if you would worry at all, then again, it would not be you, but your foreign installation i.e. your… personality.

At the end, please be aware, this definition has been just read by your… personality… and it will now try to deny it, ignore it and forget it! If the definition is true, you may experience some cognitive dissonance, because your personality will try to go on with the business as usual… while your Real I may start awakening and your being will be getting two pictures, one embedded in lies as usual, coming from your… personality, and the other, the true one, coming from your Real I.  



P.S. Of course, something like that, we would never hear from our famous spiritual teachers i.e. their… personalities… (which are designed so, to keep us in the matrix).



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